A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter two

We listened. In almost soothing silence to the sounds of nature thriving around us. Mother was mindlessly stroking my black curly locks, looking off into the distance like she often did when deep in thought. Perhaps she was thinking of Father, the man I had never met. Mum always said he was busy working, that one day I would meet him. She would tell me how he came back late at night when I was sleeping. Sometimes she would would dance with him or talk to him at dinner. 

My father was just one of her many delusions.

This particular summer afternoon was during the peak of my seventeenth year, the time when normal teenagers were soon to become adults. Where others would be stressed with exams and making life-changing decisions, but I was stuck in the same cage as always.

The cage my mother made for me.

“Tea is ready” gently entered my ears as the head maid came out from the patio doors in her uniquely flower patterned dress, her black silk hair in a bob perfectly framing her pale white wrinkled face and blue-sinister eyes like a work of art. Youthfully she almost skipped to us and politely bowed with a delightful smile on her face.

“Shall we go” said mother.

Instantly I jumped up “Yesss, I’ve been waiting all day.” I turned to the maid, “Lisa, you definitely had the staff order those special cakes?’

I acted excited, as if tea was the most precious time of the day. I wonder if they could tell how fake my smile was or hear the bitterness in my voice.

Lisa laughed, it was a subtle sound like a butterfly’s wings flapping. “Of course I did, what do you take me for young master Ann?”

I smiled wryly “I take you for a capable individual”

My mother gasped, “wow your using such big words for someone so young!!”

Lisa also smirked and added “Since when were you such a big boy using such big words?”

Feeling my mothers hot gaze on me I felt that if I acted adult-like she would break down into another one of her episodes. Feeling Lisa’s cold eyes I laughed childishly, and put on a whiny voice akin to a young child having a tantrum.

“Ann is a girls name, my given name is Andromeda and if you’re too lazy to say it then don’t say it at all…And I am no longer a child” I pouted at them. A second later I heard a loud snort from my Mother, her face was relaxed, a smile blossoming on it.

Lisa smiled at me and nodded her head slowly in approval, I sighed quietly in relief and then nodded back at her as I walked indoors.

Before I really triggered a panic attack from my mother it was better to escape. I strolled past the patio and into the long marble laid hallway. As I walked I could hear both Mother and Lisa chuckling saying things like ‘they grow so fast’ and ‘he’s as cheeky as you were m’lady.’

It’s laughable. I was seventeen and she was asking when did I become a big boy? I already dwarfed them at 6 ft 2, my voice long since deepening from puberty yet in her eyes I would always be a child.

 In this house I would always remain a child.

As I came to the middle of the well-lit marble hall-way and reached the first set of white oak double doors, the gold plated handles twisted before I could touch them.

As the door opened the housekeeper stood before me.

He was a middle-aged man with hair so blonde it looked like yellow gold on his head, his eyes were a deep orange brown colour, as if I was staring into a hot desert, his skin was tanned like a golden brown beach.

Jamie was his name. He was dressed brightly like most of our staff. Adorning a striped orange and yellow suit with a matching hat on his head.

Standing close to him I could smell a heavy medicinal scent, he’d likely just come back from the hospital. As like most of the staff his main occupation was that of a doctor.

He stared at me in momentary surprise and then smiled, a pitying smile.

I can understand why he pitied me.

My Mother was ill. 

Mentally ill.

All the workers there were doctors my Grandfather hired to look after her.

My Mother treasures me.

If I ever left her…she told me she’d die.

I am just a tool for her happiness.

If my grandfather had his way I would of been caring for her forever.

Yes. What a pitiful existence.

Hello it’s Alexia! 🙂 Just thought I’d post chapter two early since I might be busy the following week.

By this point we learn how Andromeda is essentially his mothers keeper.

Tell me how you feel about the story so far and if there’s anything you want me to improve. Thank you so much.



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