Sinking – Chapter one

Peeking over the hills was warm light that like the soft innocence in a new born child’s eye, was the sunrise. Endearing. A calling from the heavens or as common folk say, ‘a better place’. That was the sunrise. Breaking. My shattering darkness dissipating at her touch that was the sunrise. BAMM! The opening shot of a new hunt. My hunt. That was the sunrise.

In the wake of a new day there was the pattering, then even closer thudding of clasped, quality, leather boots on crisp autumn leaves. I heard it. Yes it was close causing the surprised rustle of startled animals, the eruption of migrating birds fleeing from their perches. I saw it. The breeze, with his elegant movements attracting the trees, they sensually move to his whims. His confidence, so great, he dare to caress the hard cheeks of a troubled man… such as myself. I felt it. The fear that is birthed from the elusive nature of a new day, perspiring sweat, rolling from my forehead into parched lips. I could taste it. The feeling that any time remaining for me, was slowly coming to an end. I sense it.

Hopefully, my senses are wrong.

I must hurry now, no rest for the unfortunate or wicked, as a saying goes. Unlike nature I don’t have the pleasure of playing around.

They’re coming….

closer -closer- and even closer…

Why is this happening? How did this begin? Is what you should be wondering, as I have no one else to tell I’ll take up a margin of your limited time to explain.

1539.A year that the existential desire to escape gained the better of me. And I went along with Desire’s whims with no question, like some do.

Well, we all make mistakes.

I was, maybe I still am, a Scholar, no cowboy, never the buccaneering type. I’d gone through my life in the pursuit of knowledge, looking in a straight line never back. I quite admired my convictions.

Look where that got me.  FOOL…

Why had I done it? I’d followed the unnerving wonder of rumours similar to the foolish children that followed the pied piper. Never returning. Will I never return?

Damnation, it was all the fault of the new world.

An extraordinary land with obscure treasures, unlike any that man could imagine. Unlike any they said. It aggravated me, I prided myself on the vastness of my imagination, my aptitude as one of the few learned individuals in a world such as today.

I had to go. Such a paragon! How could I not challenge! I had to abandon everything, leave what I barely had left. Empty rooms, empty cot, a full bank… a full cemetery.

It wasn’t anything special.

Maybe I was running from Mr Misery, it isn’t Adventures fault, we should leave the poor lad alone. I shouldn’t turn to Desire, it’s not like he can help tempting people. It’s a job like any other in the working world. Only I am to blame.

Alas as a Scholar I had to tempt what other lesser learned men would be too cautious to touch. As a coward, fleeing was my speciality…

Hello!!! It’s Alexia. This is the First Chapter of a short story I wrote. It is titled Sinking. It is about a Man that wanders a long way from home and gets himself into a lot of trouble when he takes what doesn’t belong to him. And in the process of fleeing he meets a demon.

I’ll update this story every Friday, stay tuned!!!


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