Sinking- Chapter two

I’d travelled to Habsburg Spain, in that time it was an archaic yet necessary land for our great Empire, making sure not to be caught in a devils web, or walk into a lunatic’s murder spree, and I most definitely avoided their police or inquisitors. I am, or was, a man with sense whom prided his life.

Somehow, someway, I bartered onto a ship. They had a vacancy for a writer to scrawl the Captain’s memoirs. Captain Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, whom was on an expedition to find the mythical seven cities of gold. Damn gold.

It was a strike of luck, or un-luck as they call it perhaps. Or maybe Satan’s little demons were having a picnic with fate. Whichever I suppose doesn’t matter.

I’d ended up on a ship. A revolutionary modern monster of mighty sails. It was a Spanish Nao, utilising a high rounded stern, an aft castle, forecastle, bows sprit at the stem. Square rigged on the foremast and the main mast, latent rigged on the mizenmast. Most impressive.Personally. I’d rather of travelled a Nave, one of the stronger Spanish ships. But you get what you get, I presume. Apparently no matter the vessel the trip was equally disgusting. Horrific. With less than a chance of never touching land again.


Enough, enough, enough. I apologise for the disturbance but I need to disrupt this pleasant explanation. My enemy is coming closer. Warning shots. They’re closing in from all sides. Taunting me are they, is this fun for them? Godspeed, I must run.

I won’t let you have it, I won’t let you. With this I can get her back. I must I must, you can’t stop me. I won’t let you stop me.

I now understand the flawless gazelle that quails at human pursuers. Trapped, no way of turning back only forward. But what if there was no forward, what if there was only end. I see before me, my dear, only end.

Only an expanse of water, from what we had called, the Colorado River. At the summit. This body flowing down somewhere, probably into that Canyon, that abyss. The flow is too powerful, there is no way I can swim, there is no boat that would survive her wrath.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no….This can’t be happening, it can’t. Don’t tell me I’ll die here. Here. Oh god why here? In this defiling barbaric place. A new world, a new start, a new hope. Dumb. Stupid….bullshit. If you’re going to lie about such things, least make the lie closer to the truth. Maybe more believable. This is a savage land with savage people.

No. Not the tribesman or natives. I mean us, we’re savage.

I saw it. I saw them do it. Kill them…kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, and kill again. So creatively almost admirable how filthy they are. This isn’t our world. It wasn’t meant for us. We’re invaders spreading sickness of the body, mind, and soul. I wish killing was all I’d seen. I won’t. I can’t think of the other horrors.

I feel sick.

I feel hopeless.

They’ll put my head on a plateau and use it to feed the crows that follow them into the endless day.

I wish I’d had the strength to stop them, I wonder if anyone will know or even care about their actions.

Hello, it’s Alexia again. 🙂 I’ve been revising for my English exam all day, haha wish me luck! I already have most chapters for sinking written, and since I’ll likely be more swamped with exams next week it’s better that I post chapter two now in case I forget.



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