A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter three

My mother is crazy about tea. I never was a huge tea lover. In fact I hate it. Of course I would never tell her that.

Yellow Gold tea buds, Darjeeling tea, Da Hong Pao, Sencha, and Tieguanyin, were all on the dining table at that moment, along with an array of cakes and treats.

Most of which would likely go to waste.

Mother sat across from me. She put her cup to her cherry lips and sighs escaped from her. I silently watched.

She looked up and our eyes met and she smiled stupidly. I immediately mimicked her and soon there were two fools grinning at each other.

Suddenly she turned to her left and grinned at the door. She waved at it with exaggerated motions and squealed, ‘You didn’t tell me you were coming back!’

There was silence, but my mother seemed to be listening intensely, nodding her head and panting strangely.

Then she stood up, pulled out her seat, and sat on the one next to it.

‘I was keeping it warm for you.’ she cooed.

Her eyes seemed to be following some unknown figure. Darting left then right and then settled onto the chair. Obviously the invisible man had sat down.

She turned to me, there was an irritable expression on her face. ‘Why aren’t you greeting your Father’ she hissed, her tongue practically spitting flames.

‘Sorry…Father…Welcome home’


‘I haven’t seen you in a long time’


‘Work must have been hard.’

‘Ann! Don’t ask  him tiring things about work, I’m sure he’s sick of it.’

‘Haha You’re right…Sorry Father’

The stupid charade continued like this for an unknown amount time until…


‘Honey! Where are you going?!’


‘What do you mean a meeting came up?!’


‘We’re supposed to have dinner as a family you damned bastard!!!’


My mother stood up. There was fury in her eyes and she picked up one of the tea pots and threw it across the room. There was the sound of shattering as it scattered into pieces across the floor.

Panicked I ran up to her, grabbed her wrist and held her waist, restraining her.

She twisted my arm frantically, her grip vice like. Tears cascaded down her face and she trembled and began wailing.

Soon after Jamie, Lisa, and some others came in.

Before I could blink Lisa had given my Mother her medication and she was limp in my arms, then Jamie and the others proceeded to carry her away. Likely to her bedroom.

Just as Lisa was about to leave I grabbed her shoulder.

‘Why is she worse than before? You said she was getting better.’

Lisa’s cold eyes stared back at me then she smiled, that fake smile, and said, ‘Her medication isn’t as effective as before, her hallucinations are becoming more frequent, her paranoia is at its greatest, she is deteriorating…but you’re around her everyday I’m sure you already know that.’ her voice was monotonous.

‘If she’s not getting better shouldn’t we put her in a proper facility’

‘This facility has the best doctors, and is the best facility for her to heal, your Grandfather has already given her the best.

‘It’s obviously not good enough!’

‘Why are you shouting at me?’

‘Because I don’t want to be here anymore! I’m sick of all of this.’

‘That’s not my problem.’

‘Yes it is!!! If you let me call Grandfather just once. If he knew how bad it was, then he would let me live with him’

‘I can’t do that.’



‘Because he doesn’t want anything to do with me! Yh I understand! I understand that he doesn’t give a damn about me! Yet why does he keep me here? Why don’t you let me leave? Why do I have to look after her? Why don’t you ever let me leave this damned place?!!’


There was silence

Then Lisa sighed and bluntly said, ‘In my contract the terms say I look after your Mother, not you.’

And with that she left.

All I could do was swallow my frustration.

As always.

Hello, Had my first English A2 exam today, I think it went well, but I’m determined to do even better in the next exam. Wish me luck. Just felt like posting another chapter. lol I said in a previous post I’d post once a week, but for this story I’ve been posting once a day 🙂 Might as well keep up the pace. Stay Tuned!


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