Beneath Black Blood

Beneath Black blood- Prologue

Death feels the same emotions each day and each night. Death cries, death sighs, relieved. Relieved that the weight of life disappears at its mere blink. Though death is weighed with a burden.

“He’ll never let me go.”

The burden of debt.

We live to lie, lie to love and love to die.

The potential everything has. To decline, or to continue? Going around the same cycle of living, lying, loving, and eventually dying.

Each turn that we take, each decision- no matter how menial is made- can change our fates. Everything gives way to a new opportunity. Decision is key, it can make a man powerful or weak. It can change worlds, shape society.

Decisions define humanity.

But decision is derived from outcomes, the result of an event, and a single thing- no matter how small; which can shape that decision.

Decisions create the chained web of fate which connects us all in the end. Ultimately one choice can change your destiny and the destiny of others.

Every event is connected, the same way we are connected. 

One day I became aware of this connection, and I’ve been watching it ever since.

Watching it whilst it watches me.

Endlessly as decades became centuries and centuries millennia.

 I am everything yet nothing, human yet not. I’m one of gods little creatures.

I’m riddled with secrets.


This is the Prologue of a novel I started writing nearly 4 years ago. I’m uploading all its chapters. It’s quite an exciting story 🙂 So stay tuned

And Thank You for visiting Lexi’s Story Zone


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