A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter Six

When I woke up it was dark.

I remember it being stiflingly hot. My eyes seemed to be covered by some type of cloth. My mouth was stuffed with something that forced it wide open and blocked any sounds from escaping. My hands and feet were tied up by a strong plastic material. I was in the fetal position.

‘vrooom…vrooom…vrooom’ were the sounds I heard.

My mind was groggy at first but when I slowly began to recall all that had happened, terror had began to consume me. Although I knew most of the stories told by the books in the library or by my Mother were lies, I still remembered them. At the time I had never been outside of my estate, I had never stepped through those black iron gates, nor had I ever interacted with people other than the hired staff. So even though I felt at the time that I knew what the outside world was like because of the books Amanda gave me, deep down I doubted them. They could of just been another set of lies made to confuse me. Perhaps I was really entering a world of death, despair and endless war. In addition being kidnapped like this made my fear even worse.

I writhed and squirmed a bit, and tried to scream, however I simultaneously didn’t want my screams to be heard. What if the people that came to help me were even worse than that man and woman, what if something even scarier got me. Those thoughts filled my mind, which when I think about it now they were useless thoughts because I didn’t make that much noise anyway.

I wanted to go home. I wanted my Mother, I wanted Lisa, I wanted Jamie. I wanted someone to help. This state of panic continued for an unknown amount of time until I heard the ‘vroom vroom’ sound stop. Then a few minutes later there was a creak and I felt myself being lifted up.

‘Christ this bag is so heavy’ Someone moaned, it wasn’t a voice I recognised, neither the man or the woman.

‘Stop your moaning Michael or I’ll hit you.’ That was definitely the voice of the combat boots lady.

‘Christ Val, why would you hit me! I’m only saying.’

‘You’ve been moaning since we got here goddamnit! Oh it’s so hot! Ewww a Mosquito bit me! Blah blah blah! So just shut the hell up!’

‘Holy! Ray! Are you gonna let her talk to me like that? It’s not like I asked to be here! You and her were the ones begging me to be apart of your team. Don’t you think this treatment is a bit out of order?!’

I felt my blood freeze as I heard the icy voice of the man I met in the library, ‘Why don’t you both shut up! You can relax and continue your petty argument once we’re on the cruise ship and halfway to Jamaica. This is a big job. If you don’t wanna work together then both of you can walk now. I promise to spend your share of the pay well.’


‘Christ Ray, don’t have to get all sensitive, on your period are you? Geez I’m sorry. You hear that Val, I said I’m sorry! See Ray we’re the best of friends now! haha gosh you guys are such kill joys.’

The one called Michael continued his nervous chatter. I could hear him clearly because he was holding me and with every step he took the bag I was in would swing and hit his side. It was sweltering hot and in that bag I couldn’t breathe, I felt so restricted, sweaty, and light headed.

The walking continued and then I heard the splashing sound of water and the calling of birds, I believe they were seagulls. I felt a strange excitement because I was certain we were near the ocean. A place that I had only heard about. To me the ocean seemed like a paradise.

I heard Ray talking to someone, there were snippets of ‘We’re the VIP’s, the ones that don’t need their luggage checked.’…’Yh here’s your tip’

‘Come this way’

Then there was more walking and after a few minutes I felt pain down my back as I was dumped on the floor.

‘What the hell are you doing! Don’t just through him on the floor!’ Val screamed.

‘Oops’ shrugged Michael, ‘I forgot the item was a person this time.’

‘You’re a freaking idiot!!! We need to bring him alive and un-harmed you absolute twat’

‘I already told you I don’t respond to rude language like that, Missy’

‘You American tosser’

‘You British Tramp’

As they argued I felt myself being lifted again and placed on a soft surface. Then there was the sound of a zipper being pulled up, then I felt firm hands pull the blindfold around my eyes.

It was bright and momentarily I was blinded.

When my eyes adjusted I was staring into the handsome face of the man I now knew to be Ray.

He took out the gag from my mouth and smiled.

‘You must be pretty to resistant to drugs, you’re already awake.’ he muttered, there was surprise in his eyes.

Behind him those two were still yelling at each other. An irritable look passed between his brows and he pulled out a gun from a bag, it had a silencer on it, and he shot at the floor where they stood. They immediately quietened down.

He then turned back at me, again smiling that sweet almost innocent smile.

‘You must be thirsty.’

Here is Chapter 6. Dunn dunnn duuuuuun.

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