A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 7

As my hands and feet were tied, Michael was the one elected to give me a drink. He put a plastic bottle of water to my mouth and tipped it. I quickly glugged it down, partly because I was thirsty and partly because I was scared that the water might be taken away. Thus I ended up coughing and spluttering.

‘Whoa, hold up there buddy, the water ain’t gonna disappear!’ exclaimed an exasperated Michael, whom snatched the bottle away from me and then proceeded to slap my back. After his heavy hand came down a fifth time I coughed up the water caught in my lungs and caught my breath.

‘Ahh geez why are you such a messy cat!’ moaned Michael like a child. A rather big-muscular child. He was wearing khaki shorts that exposed his firm and hairy legs which were lacerated with scars of all shape and size. Like an animal he had his hairy chest on display, wearing no shirt, similar to his legs there were a variety of scars on his chest but majority of them were hidden in his forest of hair. His mountain of a head had a wilderness of hair as well, like he was imitating some feral child, unkempt and wild. Because he obviously needed more hair, to add to that he had a scruffy beard and moustache to match.

On his feet he wore rather large brown Moncler Peak Scarpa boots which were now wet with the water I’d spewed out. ‘Christ you got water all over my shoes! Do you know how much these freaking cost y’a brat!’ snapped Michael. He raised his fist to hit me but then…

‘I dare you.’ intercepted Ray, his voice so sharp he might as well of have been wielding a sword. Michael went visibly pale and lowered his fist.

Then ‘euurrghhhhhhh’ was the sound my stomach made.

‘Go get some food for him.’ Ordered Ray who was sitting at a desk, a black laptop in front of him, staring at it intensely. Michael didn’t utter a sound of protest and quickly walked off.

We were inside a type of cabin, at least that was what it looked like on the inside, however I soon learned we were in a secret room on a Cruise ship. I remember it being rather small. The floor boards were made of some brown oak, there was a single desk, bed and a door that led to an even smaller bathroom. On the wall was a porthole shaped window where I could see the blue sky. There was an unsettling rocking sensation that made me feel deeply disturbed, I realised later that the room was in the most obscure area on the ship, in a back room that was used for more under-the-table dealings for more infamous passengers. And that rocking sensation was the feeling of the waves harmoniously dancing underneath the boat.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Ray was at the desk, Val had left the room shortly after her argument with Michael and now that Michael had left to get me some food, I was left all alone with Ray.

At this point I was still confused, the shock of all these events were piling up on me, and I felt overwhelming fear. I then remembered my favourite character Will Burrow from the novel ‘Tunnels‘, one of the books that Amanda had gifted me with. I tried to be strong like he had been. Despite being faced with such impossible circumstances and characters, Will had never truly given up, and I decided that I wasn’t going to either.

So I sat a little straighter, I attempted to order my askew kimono and stared at Ray determinedly. With a rather loud exhalation I boldly asked, ‘Your name is Ray correct?’ Without his head turning his soulless deep brown eyes swivelled to me and he stared, like he was trying to steal my soul. My breath hitched, ‘I-i-i–i me-me-mean that is-s-s-s what they called you.’

‘My name is Ray.’ he replied bluntly, then he smirked ‘I’m surprised that’s the first thing you ask in this type of situation…you’re unique.’

‘Well obviously I also want to know where your taking me, why you’re doing this…and…and o-t-h-er t-t-t-t-hings’ my tongue got tied as I saw him stand up. He pulled the chair he was sitting on right next to me, sat down, then looked me straight in the eye.

‘I’ll answer all your questions.’ his deep voice like thunder, ‘I am also quite curious about you.’

I could only blink and stare at him blankly. In the books I’d read, in the library and even the books that Amanda gave me, Kidnappers were never complaint or this direct.

‘So what do you want to know first.’

I gulped, ‘Where are you taking me?’

‘To a drop off point in Essex England.’ He didn’t blink, hesitate or stutter. ‘But after that I don’t know what will happen to you.’

‘You don’t know!’ I practically shrieked

Here is chapter 7!!!! I’m sorry that the chapter is so short. I had an exam today and I have one tomorrow and the day after that. But then I am free and able to fully concentrate on what I want to concentrate on. So I’ll start posting constant posts for this story starting next week.


Still stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting Story Zone.


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