A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince – Chapter 8

I stared at him incredulously, ‘You’re the ones that kidnapped me! How could you not know what’s going to happen!?’

‘Because we’re just delivery men, delivering a package to a customer.’

‘I am not an item’ I snapped.

‘Well we already got paid a nice £25 million for you, so you most certainly are one.’

I glared at him, but then it hit me, ‘£25 million!!! Do you mean someone bought me?’

‘When someone gets paid to deliver an item it usually means that the item has been bought by the payer.’ There was a mocking tone in his voice. I felt so much anger that I would of hit him if my hands weren’t tied, and I was half in the mind to spit on him but I was too worried about the consequences.

‘Who bought me?’

‘Now I don’t know who bought you, but I can definitely tell you why.’ He had a horrible look in his eyes, he was playing with me and enjoying my discomfort. My entire situation was some sick joke to him.

‘So tell me why then!’ I shouted.

Seeing my anger he smirked and leaned back in his chair. ‘Have you ever heard of the Fairy Tale Programme?’

I had stared blankly at the him, not knowing that those very words would change the course of my life forever. ‘No. I have never heard of the Fairy Tale Programme before.’

‘Well I’d be surprised if you did know.’

‘So why ask if you didn’t think I’d know’ I snapped, irritated.

‘hahah…I wasn’t certain.’ he rocked back and forth on his chair.

‘What the hell is it?’

‘It’s a game.’

‘A game?’

‘Yes a game. A game played by some of the wealthiest people in the world.’

‘What does this have to do with me?’

‘It has everything to do with you—‘


‘–because you are now a player in Fairy Tale.’

‘A player?’ At the time the ignorant me had felt confused, but now simply hearing those words I quake in my boots with fear and pray to the Gods.

‘You have been chosen by a very wealthy sponsor to be their player in the Fairy Tale Programme.’

‘But what the hell is this programme???! And…And who gives them the goddamn right to purchase me for their dumb game?’

‘Well I don’t know the full rules—‘

‘You don’t even know the rules!’ I interrupted practically screaming.

‘—because the game is very private and restricted to outsiders. However, what I do know is that you are going to compete against other players, and if you win the game you get a rather large reward.’

‘I don’t want a reward! I just want to go home!’

‘Sadly that isn’t an option. You were specifically chosen as a player. Also…’ the room felt icy as I felt the muzzle of his gun on my chest. When had it gotten there, I thought. ‘There is no way I can let you go home alive.’

I had been shouting at him previously but that moment reminded me that I was talking to a dangerous man that gave no thought to taking lives. I gulped. ‘Why are you telling me all this?’

‘You are going to find out eventually…but mostly I thought it would be better to be honest with you now and get you on my side.’

‘Your side?’

‘Let’s call it my instinct. But I have a feeling that you could win this game.’

‘I could win!?’

‘Perhaps.., and when you do you will remember this little tip of mine.’


‘My words of advice. Trust me when I tell you that they will allow you to keep your life.’ I felt my sweat turn cold, I could barely breathe because with all the tension, especially when I heard him whisper.

‘Trust no one. Not until the day, if ever, that you leave Fairy Tale…Do you understand?’

I stared blankly.

‘Do you understand!?’


‘Good. And if you win, remember that you owe me your life. I expect this tip to be repaid.’ He patted me on the head. Continuing to smile at me, laughter at the corner of his eyes.

If there is one thing I am glad about, it is that I remembered that advice. Else I wouldn’t be alive today to tell you this story.

I had this chapter already written, and I thought I should definitely post it!! I had my last ever A-level English exam today. I think it well but you never know so fingers crossed. I have a Business exam tomorrow and then I am all done. Hello summer holiday 🙂 .

Due to the business exam I’ll post Chapter 9 on Saturday. Stay tuned and thank you so much for reading!!!


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