Sinking- Chapter 3

When had humanity become so evil?

My dear maybe…


Why, why is the water still, why is there a boat at my side.

Is this you? GOD, are you finally answering the prayers I’d sent you. Is that it?


No I must not question, only thank.

On land there is death but water there is hope, If I can cross they may not follow.

Yes. Thank you God.

At my side is a skiff of sorts made of some type of dark wood, maybe Oak. Where had it come from?…why do I feel like I shouldn’t touch?

BAMM! they’re getting closer…BAMMMMMMMMMM!!! So many shots, they’re blood thirsty, but I won’t let them have it. My life and hers, My Dear I’ll save her, I know I will. I can’t give in. I can’t.

I extend my hand, stroking the Oar on it’s side, made of that same dark wood, deeply engraved with obscure symbols. Is this how Charon felt, when pronounced the ferryman of the dead, am I beginning on some cyclical journey that there is no hope for.

Will time halt like the river has halted for me.

Is it really God offering his service or something more dire?

BAMM!!!! now they’re so loud, I can hear ringing like the chiming of the bells that played at our wedding, my dear. I smell the gunpowder on the air, like the overbearing fume of the perfumes you had.

Now everything reminds me of you. Don’t worry my Dear, I’ll save her, and myself. I’ll be home in England before you know it, presenting you with flowers… telling stories to your…tombstone…

I push out the skiffy onto the eerily still water, my hands trembling on the grip of the oar, sweaty. Heart, stop palpating, stop it now.

I turn to look back, I’m vulnerable here. The first one to look over the cliff range will see me drifting in the river, then it’s all over. I must paddle faster. I don’t know how far their muzzle-loaded, smooth-bore firearms can reach…

Something is wrong. I’m paddling I know I am, I certainly am. So why have I stopped in the centre. Why is the skiff not going back or forward, why is the distance between myself and land seeming further, what is happening? Are you having fun with your games GOD?

Don’t worry my dear, I won’t die here. Not here.

My dear, my dear, my dear…

Why are you in front of me?

Haha, my dear, I am now lost… For the lunacy that is said to only come with the full moon, has now taken over me in full day. I see you. I see you! I SEE YOU!!

‘Why are you here?’ Should I ask? I’m too scared of breaking this illusion. In that stationary river water I see you. Your pretty head peeking up at me, your slender hands clinging to the edge of the skiff. How can this be? I know I’m not mistaken. There is no one else in the vast world with your warm cocoa eyes, those pouting pink lips seductively begging for a kiss, no one else has your golden hair that has the texture of silk.

I mindlessly stroke…It really does feel like silk.

“My dear, you’re here.” I mutter, so quietly I wonder if she hears. Her head turns to mine.

She heard.

Her arm reaches out from the depths of the river, breaking the surface yet not making a ripple, even as the water runs down her arm, no ripple. only drip, drip, drip…

In the back of my mind, I know this isn’t her. I know this is some delusion. A demon of the heart.

Here is Chapter 3 of Sinking. I will also be posting Chapter 4 today so stay tuned!!


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