A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince – Chapter 9

After Ray gave me that ‘advice’ he soon left the room. Later Michael came back with a plate of food and untied my hands.

“Don’t even think of escapin’!! Eat obediently like a good little brat” Michael snarled at me, his hot-pungent breathe bringing tears to my eyes, then he left; locking the door behind him.

I was alone.

I slowly munched on the buttered toast that Micheal had given me.

There was a deathly silence. The only sounds were the crunching of my teeth against the crisp bread, and the subtle crashing of waves outside.

There was silence for the rest of the week long journey. Val, Ray, and Michael simply left me to my own devices. One of them would come and give me food periodically, three meals a day, but otherwise I was alone.

I had a change of clothes into a tracksuit that had an Adidas logo on it. Each day I hopped to the bathroom where I would have a shower and stay clean but I was terribly bored. I was so bored in fact that for fun I would stare out the window and into the magenta ocean below, I would imagine swimming in those beautiful waters, seeing those fish that I had only heard tales about. The rest of the time I was pacing around the room, exercising, or scratching words into the floor boards using my nails. When I requested a book or something Michael scoffed at me but thankfully when I asked Ray he came back later with a few, and I found myself flipping through the pages of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Day merged with night and night with day. Eventually I felt like I would be here forever. Then on one hot morning Ray came in. He grabbed my legs and undid the bindings. It was so sudden I remember yelping in surprise. Then he gave me a bag.

“Change into these clothes.” he ordered

I opened the bag; inside were a pair of sunglasses, a white dress shirt, black jeans, and cherry red cambridge brush doc martens. I stared at Ray blankly.

“Put them on.” he said

“Then could you leave, I can’t change when someones watching.”

“I wasn’t going to watch!” Ray had an exasperated expression on his face and laughed, his usual weird laugh, “You’re a man aren’t you, why are you even bothered?”

I simply glared at him until he finished laughing and left through the door.

10 minutes later I was finished and knocked on the door for Ray to open up.

“All clear?” asked Ray, “You’re not going to squeal when I come in, are you?” Ray mocked me. I rolled my eyes and yelled, “Yes all clear!!!!”

Ray came in, looked me up and down, gave an approving thumbs up and then grabbed my wrist. I was pulled into a well lit corridor with white patterned walls and a lush red carpeted floor. As the door closed behind me I noticed that it blended with the wall and was practically indivisible from the corridor.

Standing near Ray were Val and Michael dressed in their usual get-ups.

“We’ll be in Jamaica soon. There will be a car waiting to take us to the airport. There we will split ways. I’ll take him along the rest of the journey.” Ray declared bluntly still holding my wrist tightly.
“What! This is the first time I’m hearing that we aren’t going with you to the drop off point” Val shrieked.

“That’s because I’m only telling you now.” he stated bluntly. “If you check your bank account you’ve both been paid, you no longer have a reason to stay. Additionally Vasco’s men are on our tail, all of us travelling together further would make us walking targets.”

Vasco?? I thought.

Michael nodded at Ray’s words but Val didn’t seem to like that and argued, “Ray you and are always a team! There is no way we are splitting up here!”

Ray glared at her. It was that point when it struck me that I’d never seen him mad before. It was quite a scary sight, his eyes seemed alight with craziness and his frown was deep set.

“Are you arguing with me?” he enquired with his deep voice and it was really like thunder roared. Val seemed so small next to him when he looked down at her. Her shoulders slumped and then she squeaked, “No…I am not.”


Chapter 9!!! I was busy yesterday and completely forgot to post a chapter, well here it is now. I’ll post chapter 10 tomorrow. Thank you for reading!!!!


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