Beneath Black Blood

Beneath Black Blood – Chapter 5

After all the hope and despair,

Through toil and fear.

May there be love in our hearts

———-Alexia Barrett————

Chapter 5- Bleak
I woke up inside a cell. A grey bleak box made out of steel, the only exit was a heavily fortified steel door. I was wrapped in a type of straight jacket that was bright blue in colour. It felt like these chains were sucking out my energy bit by bit.

Eventually after a while of sitting there in the silence, judgement came in human form.

The soldiers, dragged me from the box, or cell – depending on what you thought of it- leading me to a darker grey corridor, surrounded by locked doors on either side.

The air was stale and my chains rattled angrily in the silence; an alarm, screaming with every misguided step I took.

Saddening my heart, the sudden emotion of melancholy reminding me of a song I once heard. It was a random and unhelpful memory. I could recall being outside on a dazzling beach. Someone, someone I cared about, was singing a song. A song sang to me sweetly. A song that had no discernible words, no meaning, a disparity in its sound discerning right from wrong. A song which had brought me to my knees, made cry and smile. It was a sweet memory, however the more I remembered the more an aching pain formed in my head.

Why can’t I remember more?

The world works in cruel ways, doesn’t it?

Frustrated tears began to run down my face as I stared vacantly at the ground. Inwardly searching my own soul for some sought of meaning or worth.

“Why me?” I whispered, “Why me?”

The officer at the front turned towards me, I recognized him, it was the boy who had helped me as I lay injured in that frozen wasteland but something was different from before. This time he didn’t seem as friendly.

“Why you?” he said

“I wonder, Why you as well? Who are you? What right do you have to barge in here and kill our people!!? Yes I also wonder why you.” he snarled. The way he said it, mocking me, making me want to punch him. He had a look in his eyes that didn’t hide his hatred, yet at the same time pitied me. He looked down at me like he wanted to beat me and give me a hug. I felt tense around him, an emotion of neither dislike or like. The truth was I didn’t know what to think of him, and it was putting my nerves on edge. I wanted to make him disappear.

For the first time I was glad they had chained me, I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it together before I forgot my sanity.

These chains were hard on my ankles and arms, biting into my skin with their cold metal.

Restraining me.

They rattled with every step I took, the sound making me realise.

Realise my stupidity

Realise my arrogance

Realise the reality of my situation.

I was held prisoner by strange people, I had amnesia, I have strange abilities or powers, I killed quite a few of their soldiers before and so it was likely these people weren’t happy. Yep. I am thoroughly screwed.

All I wanted was an answer, but I wasn’t being given the chance to get any. These people didn’t want to give me the chance.

I could hear what they were thinking. This was one of my abilities that I discovered, like just by being around people I could feel their thoughts, and hear the whispers of their minds- I couldn’t turn it off.  

From their thoughts I knew they were taking me to place where I should never return.

The officer on my right wanted to kill me.

The officer on my left didn’t understand what was so scary about a kid like me.

And the officer, that boy, leading them, couldn’t even look at me.

Did they want to kill me?




They wanted me to disappear. I wasn’t human. I wasn’t the same species as them. I was a threat that was what they were thinking.

Every cell in my body was telling me to run, run fast and hard,but I obviously couldn’t because of those damn chains. But, the thought of running also made me sick. I wasn’t a coward. It was too late anyway, even if I wanted to run. It’s very late.

We had already passed all the other doors in the long grey corridor. They were leading me to a dead end, where a hidden path seemed set in the ground.

I tried to turn away at the last minute, but their polished guns were glinting at me wherever I looked.

I turned back to that boy, the leading soldier,

“Hey, you’re not taking me there are you? That place doesn’t feel right, so where are you taking me?” I asked anxiously.




The original knot of fear in my gut began to grow.

“So you’re the silent type I’m guessing” I joked.


But still nothing.


“This may be the wrong time, but I wanted to thank you” his eyes turned towards me- so he had been listening. “For saving me before, so thank you.”

The other officers around him faltered, and the air seemed to get denser for a second.

“I think you’ve got it wrong; I’ve never saved you.” there was a dangerous look in his eyes.

We had now suddenly stopped and I felt all their eyes on me,

“Ummm, you may have not recognized me but, I was the guy you picked up in the earlier. You were with that girl with the annoying scream and that lady with blonde hair…”

I was cut off as he knocked me down to the rough chill floor.

His wavy brown hair falling over his head in a deranged fashion as he began kicking me, again and again in the stomach.

“Oi Timothy.” said one of his men uneasily, but it was such a half-hearted comment it was barely heard.

“Shut up, Shut up, and Shut up!” Timothy screamed. “Nobody asked you to speak, you piece of trash. That was two weeks ago, you’re not that corpse we saved. You were there weren’t you. You probably killed that poor person! Do you think you’re not gonna get punished for your actions? Damn monsters like you making up lies!!! I would never intentionally help your fucking kind!.”

His eyes shone with unrestrained fury, as he kicked me harder, blood spilling from my open mouth as I gasped. Splattering it all over his black uniform. I felt my ribs cracking underneath his boots heels, but worst of all I felt helpless. His other companions stood by with hollow expressions in their eyes, not preventing his cruelty.

“I only… wanted to talk…. And… It was me… I swear…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to kill your soldiers…I panicked” I mumbled in-between breaths, my lungs desperately failing me, my broken body bleeding out. I couldn’t feel anything anymore, instead of being powerful, I was weak.


It was him.

That boy- for some reason I didn’t defend myself against him. I felt responsible for him, making me unable to even argue against him. He made me feel like I deserved the punishment he was giving me.

There was something about him that drained my strength.



Timothy’s hand grabbed my head and lifted it to his own; his dark green eyes mirrored the insanity in Liz’s.

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand you at all.” he said, his eyes shiny with what, what could have been tears. “Why does Tia want you alive, after everything you’ve done?” he shouted at me,

Just by looking at him I could sense his distraught emotions, see each muscle in his body contorting. The whole world had suddenly switched into a higher definition as he hit me harder. My every sense flaring. I felt another ability awakening.

It wasn’t normal that through my eyes, I saw everything that made him, I could see his spirit, his lifespan; see his aggression, his savagery, his depression, and his happiness. There wasn’t a single part of his anatomy I couldn’t see in one glance. And every part loathed me to pieces.

 I wasn’t frightened though, the original fear that had penetrated my soul, leaving me vulnerable, petrified like stone. Had miraculously disappeared.

I was calm, a slight euphoria was around my body, and it radiated confidence.

He noticed the calm expression on my face, “You don’t even care do you?” he dropped me to the ground, and slowly slid down to his knees as he leaned on the wall opposite. “Just what are you?…Damn Abyss creatures…I wish you would all disappear”  

He might as well have been murmuring. I couldn’t hear clearly anymore, the light was disappearing from the room. And the last thing I properly saw before I lost consciousness were those terrifying green eyes.

Here is the long-awaited Chapter 5 of Beneath Black Blood!!!! Chapter 6 will be posted right after this!!! So stay tuned!!!


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