A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 10 (end to intro)

Walking so fast that I was practically being dragged by him, his firm grip clamped on my wrist, my breathe coming out in hurried gasps. By this point we had left the ship far behind, we had separated from Michael and Val, left the taxi to the airport and were running to catch a flight.

Rivulets of sweat ran down my forehead, down my back; making the white dress shirt I was wearing cling to me, I was certain that there were large sweat stains around my armpits as well. I wasn’t used to the humidity. I wasn’t used to the thermal heat of others surrounding me. It terrified me, but I wasn’t able to dwell in this terror as Ray pulled me through the crowd.

The process went rather quickly. Ray handed me a document which I later realised was a passport. It had the name ‘Matt Damon’ on it; the date of birth to the country of birth were all false other than the picture on it, which was most certainly my face. When I think of it now I should have been terrified walking through those customs with a fake passport and boarding that flight. However, I didn’t know any better, instead I was excited. As I boarded the metal aircraft that Amanda had only ever mentioned to me a few times, my heart was thudding. I wondered ‘How could this thing fly?’, ‘Will this really take me up into the sky?’, ‘Is it safe?’ These questions whirred and whirred inside my head.

When Ray and I were seated all I could do was glance at him nervously and glance out the small porthole window, frozen in panic and anxiety. Ray seemed to notice how nervous I was, and laughed slightly, his normal mocking yet gentle laugh, whispering into my ear. “It’s natural to be scared of planes. But, trust me when I tell you that this will  be the least of your concerns when the time comes.” I gulped in greater fear at his words.

We were sitting in economy class, I remember in front and behind me were people chatting, going about their day to day lives. I considered whether I should ask them for help. As common sense dictates I had no reason to follow the dangerous Ray, this was a kidnapping after all, perhaps if I made a commotion someone would come and help. However, back then I had no experience interacting with people. The first near to normal people I had met had been Michael, Val, and Ray, and they were sinister and strange. In my mind even the small child sitting next to the old man exactly opposite us was absolutely terrifying, I couldn’t trust anyone. Furthermore with Ray sitting right beside me who was to say he wouldn’t hurt me or hurt others around us if I caused a commotion. It really wasn’t worth the risk. Thus with all those thoughts in my mind, filled with endless panic, the plane slowly began its drive down the runway.

From the window I could see fences and fields flowing past us, the images became blurry. It was just like the time in the taxi, vehicles that moved this quickly had only been apart of my fantasies before I had met Ray. Then with a numbing lurch the plane suddenly took to the air, I nearly screamed as I saw the land becoming smaller and smaller. I quivered in my seat and had silent streaming tears down my cheeks, likely because it wasn’t until that point did I really realise I was leaving home. That I would no longer have the life I had before. Although it could be considered a strange life of a prisoner I had still lived in luxury, I had been loved by my mother and I had been blissfully ignorant.

As I saw those willow-o-wisp clouds flitting past the window, as the plane slowly rose above them, I found myself looking down on my past innocence. At that time I thought, ‘Goodbye.’

Now the introduction is over, after Chapter 10 the real thrilling adventure begins. Stay tuned! 🙂


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