A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 11 (Start of section 2)

I had fallen asleep somewhere along the way, somewhere along the plane journey, and when I woke I was in a car. I heard the soft engine thrum. My head was leaning against a smooth and comfortable surface and I was startled when I discovered it was Ray’s shoulder. I jumped back in my seat reflexively as our eyes made contact. He smirked at me, his usual devilishly charming smile, mocking me, “It seems you have finally woken up.”

“Where are we?”

“We are in England.”

“England!” I said in awe. I stared through the car window and watched the countryside and trees flash past us. “It’s very…Green. I heard from Amanda that England was very advanced and had tall buildings and many roads.”

“You are thinking of London, the capital city, we are in the countryside…who is Amand—”

“You don’t need to know!”

“Okay, Okay I won’t ask.” I felt his piercing brown eyes roving over me, ” You know I find you more and more intriguing every second.—”


“Even in a situation so tense you can still sleep better than the dead. Plus you never react the way you should. Which I guess are good features to have. Perhaps they’ll help you survive.”

I felt my heart beat increase with the tension. I felt myself being sucked into the Ray’s fear mongering and mind games. I retorted, “Can you not be all doom and gloom! I won’t be scared by you.”

Ray snickered, childishly, “Again you surprise me. How can you talk to your kidnapper so rudely.”

“Nothing would change if I was meek or polite, would it? Also…You’re not the stereotypical scary kidnapper are you?” I stared at him intensely “Since the moment we met, since the time when you pointed your weapon at me, I never once felt that you had the intent to hurt me —”

“Oh is that so–”

“It is so! I do not know what your true intentions are, but I do know you want to make me your ally. I do not know what type of situation I have been pulled into, actually my entire life I have been confused about my situation and my circumstances” I grabbed Ray’s shoulders, “But…but…I believe that taking you as an ally would be the right call. You told me not to trust anyone. So before I lose the ability to trust, I hope… No I will trust you, I will trust that you will support me through this!”

Ray pushed my hands from his shoulders, “You are sadly mistaken, I have no power to support you where you’re going. —”


“I gave you advice so that you can survive, and on the condition that you do survive then we will become allies. But it’s not like I really think you’ll make it. It’s something I say to every person I deliver. It makes them feel special, it’s funny.” he cackled “I’ve already been paid quite a bit by this Client to safely deliver a package, tampering with it would surely go against some rules–”


“You are on your own.”

“You bastard!–”

“It’s not like I told you to get so attached to your kidnapper, I am not a source of hope for you.”

I hadn’t even realised the car had stopped, so I was taken by surprise when Ray put his hand over me opened the door and pushed me out of it. I went tumbling into the lush grass of a field next to the narrow road.

I heard the crackling of the radio, “This is Quillin.” Ray spoke, “I have delivered the package.” Then I saw Ray’s smiling face pop through the door like Charon the ferryman to hell, “Truly. I wish you the best of luck out there. From the bottom of my heart.” He laughed as he closed the car door on my face. The engine revving ‘vroom-vroom-vroom’ and then he was gone.

I watched as the black car dwindled in the distance becoming smaller and smaller on the country roads. I felt so very frustrated. I howled. ‘That bastard’ I thought, If I did survive I would make him pay, I vowed. I clenched my fists in rage, but before I could release more of my anger or confusion I felt hands around my waist. I was pinned to the ground, there was a pricking sensation, the type when a needle enters your skin. I heard the subtle hiss as something was injected into me. Again, it is annoying to say, but I lost consciousness.

When I next opened my eyes I saw tens of other eyes staring back at me, then I heard a voice say, “So this is the new Prince, huh. What’s your name?”

Here is the start to section 2 of the story, ‘Entering the camp.” Stay tuned!!! 🙂





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