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A Journey through Comic con – 2016 (May)

Hello, I’m back again with another Comic con post.



I got a lot of nice feedback on my post ‘A Journey to Comic con- 2014’, where I described my first ever journey to Comic con (lol that statement was a bit self-explanatory).

So it motivated me to write and publish faster my second ever comic-con experience, which was some time later in 2016. This time I won’t be describing the journey to the venue since it was the same Convention so the route is also the same, but I will describe the stalls I went to, the events, and the amazing people I met.

The day was the 25th of May 2016. Summer was here; the heat came beating down giving every British citizen a new topic for conversation and causing every Cosplayer whom were standing in the long lines to enter MCM London Comic con, to sweat inside their costumes. I remember whilst standing in one of those lines experiencing some interesting smells because of that, I was just glad that I had a nice can of deodorant on myself and that my outfit was well suited for the weather. As you can see in the pictures I was wearing a white skirt and white tank top. It was my low-budget cosplay of a female clone trooper from Star wars. (I was saving my money so please understand!)

The day began as My twin sister and I got off the train and into the line. We were excited because there was a huge haul of anime and manga that we wanted to buy, and it had been nearly two years since we’d been to a Con together. We needed this sweet reprieve to heal us from the stress of daily life.

As we got closer to the ticket barrier, which is more a table and bench where MCM volunteers/ employees take your ticket and give you a wrist band to allow easy entry and exit, I found myself talking to people in their amazing Touken Ranbu cosplays. I was kind of fawning over them, I always admire talented and  beautiful cosplayers. If you read the last post you can probably tell that I haven’t stopped being a weird fan-girl that freaks out over Cosplay, and I am determined never to change. I found myself laughing with them but just as I was about to establish the necessary bond of friendship by exchanging numbers, we had already reached the ticket area, gotten our wrist bands and my sister was dragging me away to the other exit of the convention. This was because neither of us had gone to the ATM that morning to take out cash for the con, and trust me majority of the stalls will only accept cash, you can’t go there with just your card unless your planning on window shopping.

We went to the ATM at the other end of the convention and went into the line, however a nice guy wearing a Jason mask told everyone that the machine was broken. A series of moans escaped from us all. My sister and I soon went on a hunt for the second ATM, only to find out that it was also broken. Just when we were losing hope a boy, wearing a Kuroko no basuke Cosplay, told us that lots of people were walking down the main street in hopes of finding an ATM. So following the young man my Sister and I like the adventurers we were, began our quest on the streets of London to find an ATM. Soon enough we had joined a huge crowd of cosplayers walking down a residential street that mostly consisted of apartments.

I bet the residents in the apartment buildings must of thought a parade was going on and I remember a little girl and her Father walking out of an apartment building ‘ooohing’ and ahhing’ at us as went by.

I remember that My sister and I started having a lovely conversation with a guy in a Kirito cosplay as we walked. When we finally reached the ATM, which was outside a local supermarket/convenience store, I wasn’t surprised by the massive line that awaited us. However, lines at a convention are the best, I started talking with people behind and in front of us about the new anime that had come out in the fall, winter and spring seasons and having a great laugh. This one guy had a giant boombox that was playing vocaloid music and placed it down on the side of the line, some people began break dancing. It was brilliant.

Eventually we did get to the ATM, thankfully in time to get our cash before the machine ran out. Then My sister and I raced to the food stall area where they sold traditional Japanese food like Ramen, Gyoza, or Miso soup. This food area was smack-bang in the middle of one of the busiest sections of the convention, nearby you could see stalls selling merchandise and comics. There was the huge ‘CEX’ exchange store logo near the stands where they sold DVD’s and there were also two stages nearby where they were giving talks on games/interviews and there was a stage where Kpop enthusiasts were dancing their socks off.

We were waiting for some of my sisters friends who went to her sixth-form, we’d made an arrangement to meet up with them and were going to hang out for the day. As soon as we met I shrieked, it was because one of my sisters friends were wearing a Mahouka cosplay and it suited him very well. I was really impressed. Soon we were wandering around the stalls. In one section there were many Star wars cosplayers. I met fellow Clone troopers, and many Jedi and Sith who were having intense battles.

(The one talking in the background is my sister, this is her Youtube channel where she just posts random Comic con footage :))

Soon after, as we all had different objectives of what to buy, our group split up. My sister and I wandering off, buying some anime Merch; I think we got a ton of posters from a variety of our fave series, pillow cases, key chains and lamps. Oh and of course we bought our haul of anime DVDs of our favourite series. I remember feeling annoyed because they didn’t have Arslan Senki in stock (but I later bought that in October of that year in the winter Convention- which I will get around to writing about I swear.)

We even participated in the karaoke stall, where we sang an opening for Naruto and won two anime DVDs. There we met this lovely man, though I forget his name, who was Cosplaying as a Mahou shoujo (magical girl) and we started venturing with him. Since we had bought all we wanted, way too much to carry we went to see the events together.

One of these events was my favourite utaite, Amatsuki. And he was freaking brilliant live. I have all his albums, I also have him on Spotify, and I got his picture and his autograph that day (It literally made my year.) I just love his music, it just makes me so happy and uplifts my spirits, you definitely have to check him out.

(The braided head you see at the front is me….As you can tell I was super hyped)

Then there was also Bandmaid, and I love Jrock so I was freaking hyped to see them there as well. They were so wicked live!!!

Afterwards we ate some food, regrouped with the rest of my sisters friends and ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening. Since we hadn’t got tickets for the after party we left around 6 or 7 or perhaps later, my memory is a bit foggy. I do remember that as I sat on the rocking train I hugged my sister and exclaimed, “Today was freaking EPIC!!”

And that was my Journey through Comic con.

I hope you enjoyed this account of Comic con Summer 2016. Thank you for reading.


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