A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 12

I woke up on a comfortable canopy bed, the sheets were made out of linen and silk, the pillows felt soft like they had duck feathers inside them. It reminded me of my luxurious bed back at home. However, I was immediately made uncomfortable by the people standing around the bed staring at me.

There were six boys, all of different heights and ethnic backgrounds, however one thing they did have in common was that they were all stunningly handsome and wore old fashioned clothing. Or rather than old fashioned it was more traditional. One boy who seemed to have Asian heritage was dressed in a Haori, another boy who also seemed of Asian descent was wearing a Zhidou. Another boy of African descent was wearing a purple and lavender coloured Dashiki. Two other boys that seemed to originate from Europe somewhere wore three-part costumes; with breeches, waist coat, and coat that were all made of elaborately embroidered fabrics that were decorated with some jewels. The last boy wore a long red and purple coat that was embroidered with gold thread, he wore black boots, he had a linen shirt and woollen tunic underneath his coat was a decorated broad sword in a sheath hanging off the belt at his side. Yes, they were all wearing very traditional clothing.

The two boys in the three part costume had the same face, as in they looked exactly identical. I couldn’t help feeling surprised because it was my first time meeting twins. They both had very handsome faces with strong jawlines, pretty brown eyes, freckled skin and curly brown hair. They were the first to notice I’d woken up and they said in unison, “He’s awake!”

Then the boy in the long red and purple coat, who had long flowing blonde hair, like gold, and stunning pair of sky blue eyes said, “So this is the new Prince, huh. What’s your name?”

I froze

“What, has a cat got your tongue!? I asked for you Goddamn name!” It seemed like he had a seriously short temper.

“Andromeda!” I shrieked, “Andromeda Star!”

“pssttt!!” The blonde boy snorted, “What kind of name is that? haha, you were named after a freaking Galaxy.” He laughed loudly, and all the other boys around him also laughed with him. “That is hilarious!!!”

I was beginning to get angry because nobody had ever laughed at my name before. However, I didn’t yell at them. I let them laugh. I was wary of them and cautious. I didn’t know where I was, but if I could trust that bastard Ray’s words, then I was in some scary death match. I shouldn’t trust anyone. I should be wary of everyone.

I looked around the room and it seemed like a normal, albeit luxurious bedroom. However one notable factor was that there were no windows and only one steel door, which looked really out of place when you stared at the rest of the wooden/oak themed room. This was a prison.

“Wow, are you not even going to say anything as we laugh at you, how lame” said the blonde boy.

I ignored the urge to punch that boy in the face and instead said, “So aren’t you going to tell me your names. It’s only polite.”

The blonde boys face dropped as if I had poured cold water on him. It made me happy that I had annoyed him. The boy ‘tsked’ then stated, “I am Aaron Eagleton, known around here as the Canary Prince.”

I was surprised because he called himself a Prince but just as I was about to comment on it the two twin boys spoke up. The one to my left whom had a blue handkerchief coming out of the pocket of his waistcoat boasted, “I am the fabulous Enzo Bernard, known as the North Prince–”

“I am Louis Bernard, the adored South Prince.” interrupted his twin brother, whom was only distinguishable by the red handkerchief he had coming out of his waistcoat. Enzo didn’t seem too happy to have been interrupted and glared at his brother. Louis wiggled his eyebrows at Enzo, like he was saying ‘I dare you’, just as it seemed like they were going to break into a fight the tall handsome African boy separated them and calmly said, “If you two start another fight I hope you can deal with the consequences.” At his words the pair went pale and nodded in submission.

“I am Abimbola Azikiwe, the Proxy Prince.” he stated.

As he finished the boy wearing the Haori, whom had long flowing black hair, gorgeously big black eyes and a ghostly pale face said “I am Riku Fukushima, I am known as the Wise Prince and this” he gestured to the last boy who wore the Zhidou and had his hair tied up in a scholarly manner, “is Wang Wei, the Lotus Prince. He is a man of few words.” Wang simply nodded at me.

“And” announced Aaron, “We are the Princes of  Section 1, your new family, Andromeda.”

I stared at them blankly. Family. What was going on I thought. I exhaled and collected my bearings. “Well, it’s truly a pleasure to meet all of you. I’ll do my best to remember all your names. But, rather than exchanging pleasantries shouldn’t you all tell me what’s going on.”

“I think I like him.” proclaimed Riku, “he’s straightforward and to the point.”

“Be quiet.” snapped Aaron. Riku glared at him but didn’t retort. “I’ll explain to you what is going on. I will tell you about the hell that you have entered.” Aaron stated. “However, that is only if you swear loyalty to our group.” he said. “Are you with us, or are you against us?” As he spoke he withdrew the long broad sword he had hanging off of his belt, and pointed it at me. On the tip of the sword there was some dried blood and I felt the room go cold and my heart beat race. ‘ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump.”

And here is the long awaited and overdue chapter 12 for ‘A Fairy Tale Prince” I am sorry that this took so long to come out. It’s because I’ve been adapting the story and re-writing parts of it. Also I’m entering the Dragonfly Tea Short story competition. So I’ve been focusing on finishing my entry for it. I am still focusing on that entry so it may be a while until you see continuous daily chapters for this webnovel. I will try to make it three chapters a week.

Thank you so much for reading and Stay tuned!!!


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