Let’s be really unimaginative with this  introduction.

My name/nickname is Lexi. My full name is Alexia but for some reason a lot of people find that hard to pronounce and so at one point I just began introducing myself as Lexi

I aspire to become a famous writer. A sexy television Presenter, an awesome radio producer, a journalist etc…

Since I was small I enjoyed the feeling of putting pen to paper and the subtle sensation of my fingers floating across a keyboard. I’ve always been told that I have an active imagination and would find myself making up different realities and universes where characters I invented would go on surreal, dark and epic adventures. Since then I have always wanted to share my unique tales to the masses and shock people with heart-warming or thrilling literature.

I have a long way to go and I hope this blog helps me build as a writer.

Don’t feel shy to comment, my progression as a writer depends on your feedback!!!!

My favourite writers are Oscar Wilde, Enid Blyton, Goethe, Eoin Colfer, Joseph Delaney, Roderick Gordon and Neil Gaiman. I have been reading their books since childhood and they have all somewhat shaped my writing style and influenced my imagination.

On this blog I have refreshingly short and fun Stories

There are fun excerpts of my adventures in Travel Writing and interesting anecdotes in my Personal Blog entries.

Thank you all so much for visiting Story Zone!!!!!!!!

P.S © All the written content on this blog belongs to me, these are all my own original works. I would appreciate no sharing/redistribution of the content without consent!!!!

Most of the images/gifs used do not belong to me.