Beneath Black Blood (Halted)

The year is 2408, due to nuclear warfare and increased global warming the Earth is now a desolate wasteland compared to the world we live in today. The population is only 1 billion, well that is if you are counting humans. After the world began to crumble the mythical creatures that we thought were fiction came out of hiding. Humans are no longer the dominant race and are struggling to survive.

The story follows the eternally young immortal boy, Mex Cillian, who wakes up with amnesia one day after an accident, and finds himself in the middle of this war between humans and the magical. ©

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Part 1-Confusion

Part 2 -A human disaster

Chapters will be halted until I sort out some plot holes and find the USB I put the rest of chapters in. Sorry.

Profiles for the Characters

Mex Cillian

  • Age-Unknown
  • DOB– Unknown
  • Birthplace– Unknown
  • Hobbies– Painting, playing the violin, and Dancing
  • Best friend -Cal Hyder
  • Hair Colour– White
  • Eye Colour– Black
  • Race– Immortal.
  • Abilities– Incredible regenerative abilities, telepathic and telekinetic abilities, can distort and control space/matter at will.
  • Notes- Mex is an extremely cautious, calm, and intelligent character, even when faced with amnesia he takes the strange and crazy world in his stride. When angered he can become savage, brutal and terrifying.

Cal Hyder

  • Age– Unknown
  • DOB– Unknown
  • Birthplace– Unknown
  • Hobbies– Skateboarding, listening to music
  • Best friend– Mex Cillian
  • Hair Colour– Blue and Purple
  • Eye Colour– Blue
  • Race– Demon
  • Abilities– Can control flames, can fly, telepathic abilities, can manipulate and control humans.
  • Notes- Cal is a very mysterious character, he is very intelligent and cautious and as a trait of his demon race he can be very ruthless. His weakness is Mex, he has a deep and caring love for him that goes back hundreds of years and would do anything for him.

Timothy Gold

  • Age– 21
  • DOB– 03/12/2387
  • Birthplace– Human Zone 1, former North America
  • Hobbies– Taekwondo, and training in his medical skills
  • Best friend: Matt Spithy (A technician)
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: lime Green
  • Race: Human
  • Abilities: Extremely smart, very good at fighting
  • Notes- Timothy is one of the youngest Majors in the army  (syndicate) and is easily controlled by the Capital. He cares deeply for his twin sister Liz. He has a deep hatred of the Abyss as he lost his parents in the 2389 attacks (the start between the war of the humans and the Abyss).

Liz Gold

  • Age– 21
  • DOB– 03/12/2387
  • Birthplace– Human Zone 1, former North America
  • Hobbies– Experimenting on Abyss creatures and humans alike, and drinking tea.
  • Best friend– Liz doesn’t have friends, the closest to a friend is her Twin brother Timothy
  • Hair Colour– Brown
  • Eye Colour– Dark Green
  • Race- Human
  • Abilities- Intelligent and Ruthless
  • Notes- Liz is a genius and aims to create a weapon that can kill all Abyss members. She lacks feeling or emotions for others and is a textbook psychopath. Due to her brilliant research and experiments she is a high profile Scientist in the Capital. Normally working with the Syndicate (Army) to aid her research. She doesn’t get along with Major Tia Kyoya as their values on life and methods differ.

Tia Kyoya

  • Age– 45
  • DOB– 22/03/2363
  • Birthplace– Human Zone 5, former Japan
  • Hobbies– Drinking, training and sparring.
  • Best friend– No one she’s particularly close to, but she’s very fond of Timothy and treats him like a younger brother.
  • Hair Colour– Blonde (dyed, natural colour is black)
  • Eye Colour- Black
  • Race– Human
  • Abilities– A well respected leader, An experienced soldier, wealth of combat experience. Kendo and Judo skills. Very good with a gun. Very intelligent.
  • Notes- She is aware that the Capital is hiding controversial information and she wants to find what it is. She doesn’t like Liz Gold as she believes Liz is insane and doesn’t care for human life.

Ashley Barnett

  • Age: 20
  • DOB– 10/02/2388
  • Birthplace– Human Zone 10, former UK
  • Hobbies– Playing Cards, Reading books.
  • Best friend– Unknown
  • Hair Colour– Red (dyed, natural colour black)
  • Eye Colour- Green with gold flecks in them
  • Race-Human
  • Abilities- Intelligent, manipulative, knows very sensitive information.
  • Notes- He is the son of one of the Ambassadors, Simon Barnett, of the Capital. He is from a higher class blue blood upbringing. He is deployed to the Syndicate in Zone 1 to spy and monitor their operations, although sometimes he intervenes where he shouldn’t.

Fallen (Real Name. Nancy Abadi/ Nancy Capitol)

  • Age– 52
  • DOB– 18/05/2356
  • Birthplace– Human Zone 21, Syria
  • Hobbies– Skin Care, exercising to look after her body, collecting shoes.
  • Best friend- Her husband Leader of the Capital. President Terrain Capitol. Nicknamed Mr Capital
  • Hair Colour– Black
  • Eye Colour– Brown
  • Race– Human
  • Abilities– Super soldier, Manipulative, Charismatic, and beautiful (looks younger than her actual age)
  • Notes- Former soldier, one of the first to fight the Abyss. Now she is an Ambassador of the Capital. Many believe she actually controls the government from behind the scenes. She wants to bring the earth back into an era of prosperity. She hates the Abyss.

Key Terms

  • The Capital: It is a regional body like ASEAN or the EU. It has supranational authority. Sometimes characters refer to the Capital as the current government. Made in 2200 along with the HFA.
  • The human federation alliance: a.k.a HFA, similiar to IGO’s like NATO or the UN- formed in 2200 after Nuclear warfare devastated the USA and 3/4 of the world leading to a desperate need for greater cooperation between humans.
  • Syndicate: The name for the Army. They are the armed forces used by the Capital, based in Human Zone 1, former New York.
  • Zones: With the formation of the Capital all national identity became irrelevant in the face of human survival, states that were still functioning gave up their titles and became named and numbered as Zones. 1-40. Numbers reflect the order that states agreed to become a zone.