A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 13

“What’s your decision?” Aaron asked, the tip of his sword scraping against my neck. It was sharp. I felt a trickle of blood travel down onto my collarbone.

“If I say no what will you do to me?” I asked, perhaps I was feeling brave.

“Whoa, he has spirit.” praised Abimbola.

“Don’t praise him.” snapped Aaron, “Don’t encourage his stupidity! If you want to survive it is better to work together, if you are against us then you are already standing in your grave. In fact if you say no… I will kill you now.” There was a cold confidence in those blue eyes that made me know he wasn’t joking.

His threat was real, I could tell. It was better for my survival to agree. So I smiled and said, “Well then I guess you have yourselves a new ally.”

They all stared at me blankly. Riku’s eyes particularly wide as he exclaimed, “He’s weird, we’ve got a weird one!”

“You should at least resist more.” Said Enzo.

“He agreed too easily.” said Louis.

“Don’t be so impressed by him,” stated Aaron, “We gave him a choice and he picked the logical option.”

Even though he said that Aaron seemed flustered as well. He put his sword away expertly but he seemed puzzled. Perhaps he expected me to be more panicked, confused or resistant.  I was glad that I went against his expectations.

To be honest I surprised myself, I didn’t know why I was so calm in this situation. In an unknown place surrounded by hostile people. One of them even put a sword to my neck. Maybe I was calm because of the shock. Or perhaps because deep down inside of me I was excited. This was the first step in my own adventure, my first time out of the cage that I had lived in. Even if I was in some weird prison, forced into some weird death game it didn’t matter much to me at that moment. Now that I think back on it I guess I was, still am, a weird guy.

“You seem confident, do you already know the situation you’re in?” Aaron asked, his expression still puzzled.

“No. Of course not.” I answered “Why would I ask you to explain things if I knew already.”

“He’s weird, he’s definitely weird.” muttered Riku. Wang seemed to nod in agreement with him.

“Well then.” said Aaron. “We should explain things to you. First things first you should know that you have been bought, your life is no longer your own but belongs to your sponsor.—”

“Bought….but how can they buy people? That shouldn’t be allowed—”

“Don’t interrupt me!” Aaron spat, ” I was getting to that!” He composed himself. “Sometimes the sponsors go to your Parents or guardians, my father was the one that sold me and the same goes for Abimbola and the twins, people sold them for money. Other times if the sponsor can’t buy you through normal means they hire criminals from black market gangs or societies to kidnap the kids that have caught their eye. Either way as far as your Sponsor is concerned they own you.”

“So were you sold or kidnapped?” asked Riku.

“Kidnapped.” I say slowly, but I was confused, I wondered who my sponsor could be. I had never been allowed out of my house. The only people that knew about my existence were my Mother and the staff. Who could have wanted to buy me? Who was the sponsor? Maybe it was Lisa or Jamie, however if they had that much money there is no way they would have been mere servants and they had countless chances to kidnap me over the years. So who could it be?

“So your like myself and Wang—”

“Anyway!” interrupted Aaron, ” You’ll never get to meet your sponsor. But they will contact you using letters that will be shoved under your door or at other times,” he pointed at a telephone in the corner of the room. “They will personally call you. They’ll give you little tasks, or games to complete, sometimes they’ll make you compete against other Princes or Princesses’ in other sections. If you lose a match or do not complete a task you will get penalised. Your sponsor chooses your penalty. If you get penalised too much your sponsor will deem you useless and then…well I don’t know what happens to those that disappear, but it’s definitely nothing good.” Aaron said this all very flippantly like he wasn’t talking about something he was directly involved in. It was like he was numb to all of it.

“It’s better for the people in specific sections to get along.” Aaron continued, “Because it’s easier to complete certain tasks together and sometimes they put us against the other teams in different sections.” Aaron paused and glanced at me, “You’re taking this very well.”

“Should I be taking it badly?”

He just blinked at me and sighed. “You’re definitely weird.” Then he smiled “but the weirdo’s normally survive so I guess you won’t be a useless new edition. But you should understand that in this team I am the leader. I have been here the longest, so you need to follow me.”

“But what if you get an order from your sponsor to kill me. Then should I still look up to you and follow you?”

There was silence.

“You’re smart, I guess you’ll survive here for a long time.” I noted that he didn’t answer my question and instead he left the room.

After him they all left one by one, except for  Riku who leaned to my ear and whispered. “Don’t trust Aaron, the previous section 1 was all wiped out by him. His sponsor has a tendency to order him to kill.” He winked at me and then left as well.

With the room empty and silent all I could do was sigh and lie back on my pillow. This was going to be interesting, I thought.

A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 12

I woke up on a comfortable canopy bed, the sheets were made out of linen and silk, the pillows felt soft like they had duck feathers inside them. It reminded me of my luxurious bed back at home. However, I was immediately made uncomfortable by the people standing around the bed staring at me.

There were six boys, all of different heights and ethnic backgrounds, however one thing they did have in common was that they were all stunningly handsome and wore old fashioned clothing. Or rather than old fashioned it was more traditional. One boy who seemed to have Asian heritage was dressed in a Haori, another boy who also seemed of Asian descent was wearing a Zhidou. Another boy of African descent was wearing a purple and lavender coloured Dashiki. Two other boys that seemed to originate from Europe somewhere wore three-part costumes; with breeches, waist coat, and coat that were all made of elaborately embroidered fabrics that were decorated with some jewels. The last boy wore a long red and purple coat that was embroidered with gold thread, he wore black boots, he had a linen shirt and woollen tunic underneath his coat was a decorated broad sword in a sheath hanging off the belt at his side. Yes, they were all wearing very traditional clothing.

The two boys in the three part costume had the same face, as in they looked exactly identical. I couldn’t help feeling surprised because it was my first time meeting twins. They both had very handsome faces with strong jawlines, pretty brown eyes, freckled skin and curly brown hair. They were the first to notice I’d woken up and they said in unison, “He’s awake!”

Then the boy in the long red and purple coat, who had long flowing blonde hair, like gold, and stunning pair of sky blue eyes said, “So this is the new Prince, huh. What’s your name?”

I froze

“What, has a cat got your tongue!? I asked for you Goddamn name!” It seemed like he had a seriously short temper.

“Andromeda!” I shrieked, “Andromeda Star!”

“pssttt!!” The blonde boy snorted, “What kind of name is that? haha, you were named after a freaking Galaxy.” He laughed loudly, and all the other boys around him also laughed with him. “That is hilarious!!!”

I was beginning to get angry because nobody had ever laughed at my name before. However, I didn’t yell at them. I let them laugh. I was wary of them and cautious. I didn’t know where I was, but if I could trust that bastard Ray’s words, then I was in some scary death match. I shouldn’t trust anyone. I should be wary of everyone.

I looked around the room and it seemed like a normal, albeit luxurious bedroom. However one notable factor was that there were no windows and only one steel door, which looked really out of place when you stared at the rest of the wooden/oak themed room. This was a prison.

“Wow, are you not even going to say anything as we laugh at you, how lame” said the blonde boy.

I ignored the urge to punch that boy in the face and instead said, “So aren’t you going to tell me your names. It’s only polite.”

The blonde boys face dropped as if I had poured cold water on him. It made me happy that I had annoyed him. The boy ‘tsked’ then stated, “I am Aaron Eagleton, known around here as the Canary Prince.”

I was surprised because he called himself a Prince but just as I was about to comment on it the two twin boys spoke up. The one to my left whom had a blue handkerchief coming out of the pocket of his waistcoat boasted, “I am the fabulous Enzo Bernard, known as the North Prince–”

“I am Louis Bernard, the adored South Prince.” interrupted his twin brother, whom was only distinguishable by the red handkerchief he had coming out of his waistcoat. Enzo didn’t seem too happy to have been interrupted and glared at his brother. Louis wiggled his eyebrows at Enzo, like he was saying ‘I dare you’, just as it seemed like they were going to break into a fight the tall handsome African boy separated them and calmly said, “If you two start another fight I hope you can deal with the consequences.” At his words the pair went pale and nodded in submission.

“I am Abimbola Azikiwe, the Proxy Prince.” he stated.

As he finished the boy wearing the Haori, whom had long flowing black hair, gorgeously big black eyes and a ghostly pale face said “I am Riku Fukushima, I am known as the Wise Prince and this” he gestured to the last boy who wore the Zhidou and had his hair tied up in a scholarly manner, “is Wang Wei, the Lotus Prince. He is a man of few words.” Wang simply nodded at me.

“And” announced Aaron, “We are the Princes of  Section 1, your new family, Andromeda.”

I stared at them blankly. Family. What was going on I thought. I exhaled and collected my bearings. “Well, it’s truly a pleasure to meet all of you. I’ll do my best to remember all your names. But, rather than exchanging pleasantries shouldn’t you all tell me what’s going on.”

“I think I like him.” proclaimed Riku, “he’s straightforward and to the point.”

“Be quiet.” snapped Aaron. Riku glared at him but didn’t retort. “I’ll explain to you what is going on. I will tell you about the hell that you have entered.” Aaron stated. “However, that is only if you swear loyalty to our group.” he said. “Are you with us, or are you against us?” As he spoke he withdrew the long broad sword he had hanging off of his belt, and pointed it at me. On the tip of the sword there was some dried blood and I felt the room go cold and my heart beat race. ‘ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump.”

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A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 11 (Start of section 2)

I had fallen asleep somewhere along the way, somewhere along the plane journey, and when I woke I was in a car. I heard the soft engine thrum. My head was leaning against a smooth and comfortable surface and I was startled when I discovered it was Ray’s shoulder. I jumped back in my seat reflexively as our eyes made contact. He smirked at me, his usual devilishly charming smile, mocking me, “It seems you have finally woken up.”

“Where are we?”

“We are in England.”

“England!” I said in awe. I stared through the car window and watched the countryside and trees flash past us. “It’s very…Green. I heard from Amanda that England was very advanced and had tall buildings and many roads.”

“You are thinking of London, the capital city, we are in the countryside…who is Amand—”

“You don’t need to know!”

“Okay, Okay I won’t ask.” I felt his piercing brown eyes roving over me, ” You know I find you more and more intriguing every second.—”


“Even in a situation so tense you can still sleep better than the dead. Plus you never react the way you should. Which I guess are good features to have. Perhaps they’ll help you survive.”

I felt my heart beat increase with the tension. I felt myself being sucked into the Ray’s fear mongering and mind games. I retorted, “Can you not be all doom and gloom! I won’t be scared by you.”

Ray snickered, childishly, “Again you surprise me. How can you talk to your kidnapper so rudely.”

“Nothing would change if I was meek or polite, would it? Also…You’re not the stereotypical scary kidnapper are you?” I stared at him intensely “Since the moment we met, since the time when you pointed your weapon at me, I never once felt that you had the intent to hurt me —”

“Oh is that so–”

“It is so! I do not know what your true intentions are, but I do know you want to make me your ally. I do not know what type of situation I have been pulled into, actually my entire life I have been confused about my situation and my circumstances” I grabbed Ray’s shoulders, “But…but…I believe that taking you as an ally would be the right call. You told me not to trust anyone. So before I lose the ability to trust, I hope… No I will trust you, I will trust that you will support me through this!”

Ray pushed my hands from his shoulders, “You are sadly mistaken, I have no power to support you where you’re going. —”


“I gave you advice so that you can survive, and on the condition that you do survive then we will become allies. But it’s not like I really think you’ll make it. It’s something I say to every person I deliver. It makes them feel special, it’s funny.” he cackled “I’ve already been paid quite a bit by this Client to safely deliver a package, tampering with it would surely go against some rules–”


“You are on your own.”

“You bastard!–”

“It’s not like I told you to get so attached to your kidnapper, I am not a source of hope for you.”

I hadn’t even realised the car had stopped, so I was taken by surprise when Ray put his hand over me opened the door and pushed me out of it. I went tumbling into the lush grass of a field next to the narrow road.

I heard the crackling of the radio, “This is Quillin.” Ray spoke, “I have delivered the package.” Then I saw Ray’s smiling face pop through the door like Charon the ferryman to hell, “Truly. I wish you the best of luck out there. From the bottom of my heart.” He laughed as he closed the car door on my face. The engine revving ‘vroom-vroom-vroom’ and then he was gone.

I watched as the black car dwindled in the distance becoming smaller and smaller on the country roads. I felt so very frustrated. I howled. ‘That bastard’ I thought, If I did survive I would make him pay, I vowed. I clenched my fists in rage, but before I could release more of my anger or confusion I felt hands around my waist. I was pinned to the ground, there was a pricking sensation, the type when a needle enters your skin. I heard the subtle hiss as something was injected into me. Again, it is annoying to say, but I lost consciousness.

When I next opened my eyes I saw tens of other eyes staring back at me, then I heard a voice say, “So this is the new Prince, huh. What’s your name?”

Here is the start to section 2 of the story, ‘Entering the camp.” Stay tuned!!! 🙂




A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 10 (end to intro)

Walking so fast that I was practically being dragged by him, his firm grip clamped on my wrist, my breathe coming out in hurried gasps. By this point we had left the ship far behind, we had separated from Michael and Val, left the taxi to the airport and were running to catch a flight.

Rivulets of sweat ran down my forehead, down my back; making the white dress shirt I was wearing cling to me, I was certain that there were large sweat stains around my armpits as well. I wasn’t used to the humidity. I wasn’t used to the thermal heat of others surrounding me. It terrified me, but I wasn’t able to dwell in this terror as Ray pulled me through the crowd.

The process went rather quickly. Ray handed me a document which I later realised was a passport. It had the name ‘Matt Damon’ on it; the date of birth to the country of birth were all false other than the picture on it, which was most certainly my face. When I think of it now I should have been terrified walking through those customs with a fake passport and boarding that flight. However, I didn’t know any better, instead I was excited. As I boarded the metal aircraft that Amanda had only ever mentioned to me a few times, my heart was thudding. I wondered ‘How could this thing fly?’, ‘Will this really take me up into the sky?’, ‘Is it safe?’ These questions whirred and whirred inside my head.

When Ray and I were seated all I could do was glance at him nervously and glance out the small porthole window, frozen in panic and anxiety. Ray seemed to notice how nervous I was, and laughed slightly, his normal mocking yet gentle laugh, whispering into my ear. “It’s natural to be scared of planes. But, trust me when I tell you that this will  be the least of your concerns when the time comes.” I gulped in greater fear at his words.

We were sitting in economy class, I remember in front and behind me were people chatting, going about their day to day lives. I considered whether I should ask them for help. As common sense dictates I had no reason to follow the dangerous Ray, this was a kidnapping after all, perhaps if I made a commotion someone would come and help. However, back then I had no experience interacting with people. The first near to normal people I had met had been Michael, Val, and Ray, and they were sinister and strange. In my mind even the small child sitting next to the old man exactly opposite us was absolutely terrifying, I couldn’t trust anyone. Furthermore with Ray sitting right beside me who was to say he wouldn’t hurt me or hurt others around us if I caused a commotion. It really wasn’t worth the risk. Thus with all those thoughts in my mind, filled with endless panic, the plane slowly began its drive down the runway.

From the window I could see fences and fields flowing past us, the images became blurry. It was just like the time in the taxi, vehicles that moved this quickly had only been apart of my fantasies before I had met Ray. Then with a numbing lurch the plane suddenly took to the air, I nearly screamed as I saw the land becoming smaller and smaller. I quivered in my seat and had silent streaming tears down my cheeks, likely because it wasn’t until that point did I really realise I was leaving home. That I would no longer have the life I had before. Although it could be considered a strange life of a prisoner I had still lived in luxury, I had been loved by my mother and I had been blissfully ignorant.

As I saw those willow-o-wisp clouds flitting past the window, as the plane slowly rose above them, I found myself looking down on my past innocence. At that time I thought, ‘Goodbye.’

Now the introduction is over, after Chapter 10 the real thrilling adventure begins. Stay tuned! 🙂

A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince – Chapter 9

After Ray gave me that ‘advice’ he soon left the room. Later Michael came back with a plate of food and untied my hands.

“Don’t even think of escapin’!! Eat obediently like a good little brat” Michael snarled at me, his hot-pungent breathe bringing tears to my eyes, then he left; locking the door behind him.

I was alone.

I slowly munched on the buttered toast that Micheal had given me.

There was a deathly silence. The only sounds were the crunching of my teeth against the crisp bread, and the subtle crashing of waves outside.

There was silence for the rest of the week long journey. Val, Ray, and Michael simply left me to my own devices. One of them would come and give me food periodically, three meals a day, but otherwise I was alone.

I had a change of clothes into a tracksuit that had an Adidas logo on it. Each day I hopped to the bathroom where I would have a shower and stay clean but I was terribly bored. I was so bored in fact that for fun I would stare out the window and into the magenta ocean below, I would imagine swimming in those beautiful waters, seeing those fish that I had only heard tales about. The rest of the time I was pacing around the room, exercising, or scratching words into the floor boards using my nails. When I requested a book or something Michael scoffed at me but thankfully when I asked Ray he came back later with a few, and I found myself flipping through the pages of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Day merged with night and night with day. Eventually I felt like I would be here forever. Then on one hot morning Ray came in. He grabbed my legs and undid the bindings. It was so sudden I remember yelping in surprise. Then he gave me a bag.

“Change into these clothes.” he ordered

I opened the bag; inside were a pair of sunglasses, a white dress shirt, black jeans, and cherry red cambridge brush doc martens. I stared at Ray blankly.

“Put them on.” he said

“Then could you leave, I can’t change when someones watching.”

“I wasn’t going to watch!” Ray had an exasperated expression on his face and laughed, his usual weird laugh, “You’re a man aren’t you, why are you even bothered?”

I simply glared at him until he finished laughing and left through the door.

10 minutes later I was finished and knocked on the door for Ray to open up.

“All clear?” asked Ray, “You’re not going to squeal when I come in, are you?” Ray mocked me. I rolled my eyes and yelled, “Yes all clear!!!!”

Ray came in, looked me up and down, gave an approving thumbs up and then grabbed my wrist. I was pulled into a well lit corridor with white patterned walls and a lush red carpeted floor. As the door closed behind me I noticed that it blended with the wall and was practically indivisible from the corridor.

Standing near Ray were Val and Michael dressed in their usual get-ups.

“We’ll be in Jamaica soon. There will be a car waiting to take us to the airport. There we will split ways. I’ll take him along the rest of the journey.” Ray declared bluntly still holding my wrist tightly.
“What! This is the first time I’m hearing that we aren’t going with you to the drop off point” Val shrieked.

“That’s because I’m only telling you now.” he stated bluntly. “If you check your bank account you’ve both been paid, you no longer have a reason to stay. Additionally Vasco’s men are on our tail, all of us travelling together further would make us walking targets.”

Vasco?? I thought.

Michael nodded at Ray’s words but Val didn’t seem to like that and argued, “Ray you and are always a team! There is no way we are splitting up here!”

Ray glared at her. It was that point when it struck me that I’d never seen him mad before. It was quite a scary sight, his eyes seemed alight with craziness and his frown was deep set.

“Are you arguing with me?” he enquired with his deep voice and it was really like thunder roared. Val seemed so small next to him when he looked down at her. Her shoulders slumped and then she squeaked, “No…I am not.”


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A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince – Chapter 8

I stared at him incredulously, ‘You’re the ones that kidnapped me! How could you not know what’s going to happen!?’

‘Because we’re just delivery men, delivering a package to a customer.’

‘I am not an item’ I snapped.

‘Well we already got paid a nice £25 million for you, so you most certainly are one.’

I glared at him, but then it hit me, ‘£25 million!!! Do you mean someone bought me?’

‘When someone gets paid to deliver an item it usually means that the item has been bought by the payer.’ There was a mocking tone in his voice. I felt so much anger that I would of hit him if my hands weren’t tied, and I was half in the mind to spit on him but I was too worried about the consequences.

‘Who bought me?’

‘Now I don’t know who bought you, but I can definitely tell you why.’ He had a horrible look in his eyes, he was playing with me and enjoying my discomfort. My entire situation was some sick joke to him.

‘So tell me why then!’ I shouted.

Seeing my anger he smirked and leaned back in his chair. ‘Have you ever heard of the Fairy Tale Programme?’

I had stared blankly at the him, not knowing that those very words would change the course of my life forever. ‘No. I have never heard of the Fairy Tale Programme before.’

‘Well I’d be surprised if you did know.’

‘So why ask if you didn’t think I’d know’ I snapped, irritated.

‘hahah…I wasn’t certain.’ he rocked back and forth on his chair.

‘What the hell is it?’

‘It’s a game.’

‘A game?’

‘Yes a game. A game played by some of the wealthiest people in the world.’

‘What does this have to do with me?’

‘It has everything to do with you—‘


‘–because you are now a player in Fairy Tale.’

‘A player?’ At the time the ignorant me had felt confused, but now simply hearing those words I quake in my boots with fear and pray to the Gods.

‘You have been chosen by a very wealthy sponsor to be their player in the Fairy Tale Programme.’

‘But what the hell is this programme???! And…And who gives them the goddamn right to purchase me for their dumb game?’

‘Well I don’t know the full rules—‘

‘You don’t even know the rules!’ I interrupted practically screaming.

‘—because the game is very private and restricted to outsiders. However, what I do know is that you are going to compete against other players, and if you win the game you get a rather large reward.’

‘I don’t want a reward! I just want to go home!’

‘Sadly that isn’t an option. You were specifically chosen as a player. Also…’ the room felt icy as I felt the muzzle of his gun on my chest. When had it gotten there, I thought. ‘There is no way I can let you go home alive.’

I had been shouting at him previously but that moment reminded me that I was talking to a dangerous man that gave no thought to taking lives. I gulped. ‘Why are you telling me all this?’

‘You are going to find out eventually…but mostly I thought it would be better to be honest with you now and get you on my side.’

‘Your side?’

‘Let’s call it my instinct. But I have a feeling that you could win this game.’

‘I could win!?’

‘Perhaps.., and when you do you will remember this little tip of mine.’


‘My words of advice. Trust me when I tell you that they will allow you to keep your life.’ I felt my sweat turn cold, I could barely breathe because with all the tension, especially when I heard him whisper.

‘Trust no one. Not until the day, if ever, that you leave Fairy Tale…Do you understand?’

I stared blankly.

‘Do you understand!?’


‘Good. And if you win, remember that you owe me your life. I expect this tip to be repaid.’ He patted me on the head. Continuing to smile at me, laughter at the corner of his eyes.

If there is one thing I am glad about, it is that I remembered that advice. Else I wouldn’t be alive today to tell you this story.

I had this chapter already written, and I thought I should definitely post it!! I had my last ever A-level English exam today. I think it well but you never know so fingers crossed. I have a Business exam tomorrow and then I am all done. Hello summer holiday 🙂 .

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A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 7

As my hands and feet were tied, Michael was the one elected to give me a drink. He put a plastic bottle of water to my mouth and tipped it. I quickly glugged it down, partly because I was thirsty and partly because I was scared that the water might be taken away. Thus I ended up coughing and spluttering.

‘Whoa, hold up there buddy, the water ain’t gonna disappear!’ exclaimed an exasperated Michael, whom snatched the bottle away from me and then proceeded to slap my back. After his heavy hand came down a fifth time I coughed up the water caught in my lungs and caught my breath.

‘Ahh geez why are you such a messy cat!’ moaned Michael like a child. A rather big-muscular child. He was wearing khaki shorts that exposed his firm and hairy legs which were lacerated with scars of all shape and size. Like an animal he had his hairy chest on display, wearing no shirt, similar to his legs there were a variety of scars on his chest but majority of them were hidden in his forest of hair. His mountain of a head had a wilderness of hair as well, like he was imitating some feral child, unkempt and wild. Because he obviously needed more hair, to add to that he had a scruffy beard and moustache to match.

On his feet he wore rather large brown Moncler Peak Scarpa boots which were now wet with the water I’d spewed out. ‘Christ you got water all over my shoes! Do you know how much these freaking cost y’a brat!’ snapped Michael. He raised his fist to hit me but then…

‘I dare you.’ intercepted Ray, his voice so sharp he might as well of have been wielding a sword. Michael went visibly pale and lowered his fist.

Then ‘euurrghhhhhhh’ was the sound my stomach made.

‘Go get some food for him.’ Ordered Ray who was sitting at a desk, a black laptop in front of him, staring at it intensely. Michael didn’t utter a sound of protest and quickly walked off.

We were inside a type of cabin, at least that was what it looked like on the inside, however I soon learned we were in a secret room on a Cruise ship. I remember it being rather small. The floor boards were made of some brown oak, there was a single desk, bed and a door that led to an even smaller bathroom. On the wall was a porthole shaped window where I could see the blue sky. There was an unsettling rocking sensation that made me feel deeply disturbed, I realised later that the room was in the most obscure area on the ship, in a back room that was used for more under-the-table dealings for more infamous passengers. And that rocking sensation was the feeling of the waves harmoniously dancing underneath the boat.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Ray was at the desk, Val had left the room shortly after her argument with Michael and now that Michael had left to get me some food, I was left all alone with Ray.

At this point I was still confused, the shock of all these events were piling up on me, and I felt overwhelming fear. I then remembered my favourite character Will Burrow from the novel ‘Tunnels‘, one of the books that Amanda had gifted me with. I tried to be strong like he had been. Despite being faced with such impossible circumstances and characters, Will had never truly given up, and I decided that I wasn’t going to either.

So I sat a little straighter, I attempted to order my askew kimono and stared at Ray determinedly. With a rather loud exhalation I boldly asked, ‘Your name is Ray correct?’ Without his head turning his soulless deep brown eyes swivelled to me and he stared, like he was trying to steal my soul. My breath hitched, ‘I-i-i–i me-me-mean that is-s-s-s what they called you.’

‘My name is Ray.’ he replied bluntly, then he smirked ‘I’m surprised that’s the first thing you ask in this type of situation…you’re unique.’

‘Well obviously I also want to know where your taking me, why you’re doing this…and…and o-t-h-er t-t-t-t-hings’ my tongue got tied as I saw him stand up. He pulled the chair he was sitting on right next to me, sat down, then looked me straight in the eye.

‘I’ll answer all your questions.’ his deep voice like thunder, ‘I am also quite curious about you.’

I could only blink and stare at him blankly. In the books I’d read, in the library and even the books that Amanda gave me, Kidnappers were never complaint or this direct.

‘So what do you want to know first.’

I gulped, ‘Where are you taking me?’

‘To a drop off point in Essex England.’ He didn’t blink, hesitate or stutter. ‘But after that I don’t know what will happen to you.’

‘You don’t know!’ I practically shrieked

Here is chapter 7!!!! I’m sorry that the chapter is so short. I had an exam today and I have one tomorrow and the day after that. But then I am free and able to fully concentrate on what I want to concentrate on. So I’ll start posting constant posts for this story starting next week.


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