My name is Alexia, and as of this year I am 18 years old.

I aspire to become a famous writer.

Since I was small I enjoyed the feeling of putting pen to paper and the subtle sensation of my fingers floating across a keyboard. I’ve always been told that I have an active imagination and would find myself making up different realities and universes where characters I invented would go on surreal, dark and epic adventures. Since then I have always wanted to share my unique tales to the masses and shock people with heart-warming or thrilling literature.

I have a long way to go and I hope this blog helps me build as a writer.

Don’t feel shy to comment, my progression as a writer depends on your feedback!!!!

My favourite writers are Oscar Wilde, Enid Blyton, Goethe, Eoin Colfer, Joseph Delaney, Roderick Gordon and Neil Gaiman. I have been reading their books since childhood and they have all somewhat shaped my writing style and influenced my imagination.

On this blog I have refreshing, short and fun Flash Fiction.

There are fun excerpts of my adventures in Travel Writing and interesting anecdotes in my Personal Blog entries.

I have a few Short stories that I try to update regularly.

Thank you all so much for visiting Story Zone!!!!!!!!

P.S Β© All the written content on this blog belongs to me, these are all my own original works. I would appreciate no sharing/redistribution of the content without consent!!!!

Thank you!!!