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A Hyper Japan Journey! (2017)


This Summer I had my first ever journey to Hyper Japan, an event that I had been highly anticipating for over a year, and it most definitely lived up to my expectations.

For those who don’t know what Hyper Japan is, it is a festival held in London, it is the UK’s largest event that celebrates Japanese culture and cuisine. It is held twice a year, in summer (Summer festival)and winter (Hyper Japan Christmas market.) At Hyper Japan you can experience live concerts by Japanese celebrities, and experience Japanese food, anime, Japanese gaming and clothing.

The day was the 14th of July. My Sister and I woke up especially early that Friday Morning so as to iron our outfits, put on our contact lenses and be super extra and kawaii for the day. The journey began as I ran to the train station with my sister and bought my London day travel card. Whilst waiting at the station we took cute selfies and then headed towards London. We got off at Limehouse and then took the DLR to Shadwell.

It was at this point that google maps told us to to walk to the venue and that it would take 4 minutes or less, however since my sister and I are hopeless at directions we had no idea which way google maps was taking us until I saw people that were dressed in cosplay or just had that ‘I-am-going-to-a-japanese-convention-vibe’ around them. We were so hyped we practically leaped on them, asking them whether they were also attending ‘Hyper Japan’ and we were delighted when they said ‘yes’.

We began exchanging names as we walked, two of the people we met there was a lovely girl that I’ll call C and a tall boy with green hair that I’ll call S. They both seemed so much more composed then my sister and myself that I assumed that they were older than us. So you can imagine my face when they told us they were 16. They were such wonderful people, so much so that we became instant friends and ended up spending the entire day together.

When we eventually reached Tobacco Dock we lined up, and I must tell you that in comparison to other events which I’ve attended the line for Hyper Japan went very quickly and smoothly. I think we barely stood for 10 minutes before the line started moving and even when it stopped it was brief.

The first thing that you’ll see when you get into Hyper Japan are the super Kawaii merch stores. They sell Japanese influenced designed shirts, anime posters, hair pins, accessories, pins, DVD’s you name it. Also as you walk around you can also see a lot of decora fashion trends and Decora girls and boys. I love Decora girls I think they’re so cute, I myself have never had the time try out the fashion trend, and I’m not sure if I could do it as successfully as I lack the experience and my make-up skills still have a long way to go. I am quite annoyed because I only attended Hyper Japan for the Friday session and I really wanted to meet Kurebayashi (an instagram star and famous Decora girl) however as much as I searched for her on Friday I wasn’t able to meet her.

There were also many cute cosplayers and general people milling around that came to enjoy the culture of the event which I met and had a great time with.

I myself bought a lot of posters, t-shirts, sake, chopsticks, pocky and some CD’s of some of the Japanese artists that I like such at the Gazette, The Age of Civil wars, and Toriena. I was especially excited that I got to meet The Age of Civil wars and Toriena at Hyper Japan, they performed live and it was so amazing, in the pictures above you can see me posing with them. I also met the lead vocalist for a band I like named Broken Doll, Sachi was so lovely and she took a group picture with myself and my friends.

Then there were the Tokyo Rickshaws!!!! They were the kindest people ever, they were so talented at singing, dancing and they were all so handsome (taking my mind out of the gutter) they were so awesome and lovely. The Hyper Japan official website describes them as— “Visit the traditional neighbourhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, and you’re sure to see rickshaws rolling around, snug tourists being pulled along by strong young men known as “shafu.” Tokyo Rickshaw is made of of four such men, who have taken the art of being “shafu” to a whole other level. Combining exciting music and acrobatics, this dance/music/acrobatic unit presents an unforgettable stage show embodying the spirit of Japanese-ness! “

Then there is also Toriena, I am mentioning her again because I absolutely love her, I don’t listen to trap or dubstep music often but when it comes to her I am all over it. Her music is just so fun to listen to and she is so kind!!! When she autographed my CD she said she liked my hat and that I was ‘kawaii!!’ I nearly died.

Then there was SHIN, former vocalist of the Visual Kei band ViViD. I was really looking forward to seeing him there on Friday, and I not only got to see him live I also got to get his autograph and he is amazing. I didn’t get a clear video of his performance but this is a very good one that an amazing human uploaded.

You know that moment of tranquility you have when you’re at home, you’re heart is at peace and you feel like you found the destination you truly belong. That is how I feel every time I attend a Japanese or anime-related event. When I am surrounded by people of like-minds, where you can freely express your interests without being judged, where you can have a good time and embrace a new culture. That was the thrilling tranquil part I loved about Hyper Japan.

And as I went home with the new friends I made that day (and my sister) I found myself determined to enjoy such an event again. When the sun set on July 14th it also set on a satisfying and fantastic day.

This was supposed to be a more controlled piece of writing, but as I’ve been busy working lately I didn’t have much time to post lately or spend writing this, so it has ended up being more of a fun post listing the great things about Hyper Japan. But I hope these list of experiences show you how fun Hyper Japan is, and you can put it on your list of festivals you want to attend.

A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 13

“What’s your decision?” Aaron asked, the tip of his sword scraping against my neck. It was sharp. I felt a trickle of blood travel down onto my collarbone.

“If I say no what will you do to me?” I asked, perhaps I was feeling brave.

“Whoa, he has spirit.” praised Abimbola.

“Don’t praise him.” snapped Aaron, “Don’t encourage his stupidity! If you want to survive it is better to work together, if you are against us then you are already standing in your grave. In fact if you say no… I will kill you now.” There was a cold confidence in those blue eyes that made me know he wasn’t joking.

His threat was real, I could tell. It was better for my survival to agree. So I smiled and said, “Well then I guess you have yourselves a new ally.”

They all stared at me blankly. Riku’s eyes particularly wide as he exclaimed, “He’s weird, we’ve got a weird one!”

“You should at least resist more.” Said Enzo.

“He agreed too easily.” said Louis.

“Don’t be so impressed by him,” stated Aaron, “We gave him a choice and he picked the logical option.”

Even though he said that Aaron seemed flustered as well. He put his sword away expertly but he seemed puzzled. Perhaps he expected me to be more panicked, confused or resistant.  I was glad that I went against his expectations.

To be honest I surprised myself, I didn’t know why I was so calm in this situation. In an unknown place surrounded by hostile people. One of them even put a sword to my neck. Maybe I was calm because of the shock. Or perhaps because deep down inside of me I was excited. This was the first step in my own adventure, my first time out of the cage that I had lived in. Even if I was in some weird prison, forced into some weird death game it didn’t matter much to me at that moment. Now that I think back on it I guess I was, still am, a weird guy.

“You seem confident, do you already know the situation you’re in?” Aaron asked, his expression still puzzled.

“No. Of course not.” I answered “Why would I ask you to explain things if I knew already.”

“He’s weird, he’s definitely weird.” muttered Riku. Wang seemed to nod in agreement with him.

“Well then.” said Aaron. “We should explain things to you. First things first you should know that you have been bought, your life is no longer your own but belongs to your sponsor.—”

“Bought….but how can they buy people? That shouldn’t be allowed—”

“Don’t interrupt me!” Aaron spat, ” I was getting to that!” He composed himself. “Sometimes the sponsors go to your Parents or guardians, my father was the one that sold me and the same goes for Abimbola and the twins, people sold them for money. Other times if the sponsor can’t buy you through normal means they hire criminals from black market gangs or societies to kidnap the kids that have caught their eye. Either way as far as your Sponsor is concerned they own you.”

“So were you sold or kidnapped?” asked Riku.

“Kidnapped.” I say slowly, but I was confused, I wondered who my sponsor could be. I had never been allowed out of my house. The only people that knew about my existence were my Mother and the staff. Who could have wanted to buy me? Who was the sponsor? Maybe it was Lisa or Jamie, however if they had that much money there is no way they would have been mere servants and they had countless chances to kidnap me over the years. So who could it be?

“So your like myself and Wang—”

“Anyway!” interrupted Aaron, ” You’ll never get to meet your sponsor. But they will contact you using letters that will be shoved under your door or at other times,” he pointed at a telephone in the corner of the room. “They will personally call you. They’ll give you little tasks, or games to complete, sometimes they’ll make you compete against other Princes or Princesses’ in other sections. If you lose a match or do not complete a task you will get penalised. Your sponsor chooses your penalty. If you get penalised too much your sponsor will deem you useless and then…well I don’t know what happens to those that disappear, but it’s definitely nothing good.” Aaron said this all very flippantly like he wasn’t talking about something he was directly involved in. It was like he was numb to all of it.

“It’s better for the people in specific sections to get along.” Aaron continued, “Because it’s easier to complete certain tasks together and sometimes they put us against the other teams in different sections.” Aaron paused and glanced at me, “You’re taking this very well.”

“Should I be taking it badly?”

He just blinked at me and sighed. “You’re definitely weird.” Then he smiled “but the weirdo’s normally survive so I guess you won’t be a useless new edition. But you should understand that in this team I am the leader. I have been here the longest, so you need to follow me.”

“But what if you get an order from your sponsor to kill me. Then should I still look up to you and follow you?”

There was silence.

“You’re smart, I guess you’ll survive here for a long time.” I noted that he didn’t answer my question and instead he left the room.

After him they all left one by one, except for  Riku who leaned to my ear and whispered. “Don’t trust Aaron, the previous section 1 was all wiped out by him. His sponsor has a tendency to order him to kill.” He winked at me and then left as well.

With the room empty and silent all I could do was sigh and lie back on my pillow. This was going to be interesting, I thought.

Beneath Black Blood

Beneath Black Blood- Chapter 11

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

—-Oscar Wilde—–

Chapter 11- Leadership

Mex Cillian

“A leader! Me!”

“Yes you!”

I couldn’t help but sigh “that’s way too much pressure. Being a leader sounds like so much effort.”

Cal burst out laughing, “You took that well. I thought you’d be panicked or something. Only you would react this way to being told you’re the leader of an entire species”

“Sorry for being weird.” I retorted, “but you only said I was one of your great leaders, right? That means there are others that share my responsibility right, so I shouldn’t be that worried. And I think I’m pretty awesome, memories or not I’m certain I would be an awesome leader.”

Cal who was still chuckling to himself commented, “That’s some strange confidence you have, but I guess you’ve always been like that. I don’t know why I thought you would change.” He grabbed my cheeks and ruffled my hair, “Same face, same hair, same strange personality. Yep you’re the same Mex I know.”

As he spoke his face was uncomfortably close to mine and I felt my cheeks go red and my hear race. I coughed, “What about you, aren’t you a leader too?”

“Me!” he exclaimed pointing at himself, “Man, no way. I’m not powerful enough or old enough for that.

“How old are you?”

“That’s a really rude question you know.”

“Was it—”

“It was.”

“Only old farts say that.”

“Well I guess i’m an old fart then, but you’re an even older old fart you know.”

“Damn, then I’m basically a shrivelled up old corpse.”

“What on earth are we even talking about?”

“Your age.”

“I know that but… we veered off course, we were supposed to be helping you understand our situation.”

“So help me understand then.”

“It’s impossible to talk to you seriously.”

“Well sorry!”

Our weird banter continued for a while until I heard the howl of something in the distance and I felt my skin crawl and I inched a bit closer to Cal.

“What was that?”

“A mutant.”

“What are those?”

“You could call them evolved humans. The products of human destruction.”

In the moonlight Cal’s illuminated face beheld a melancholic expression. “The war started the war because we couldn’t negotiate with humanity. We wanted to reclaim our lands and then turn Earth back into its former paradise and heal the human race. But they misunderstood and resisted. They saw us as monsters but we were nothing of the sort. Many of our species went insane with anger because of this, decided humanity was beyond redemption and went on witch hunt to wipe them all out.

Of course humans have always been quick to adapt, and before we knew it we were the ones being hunted. All the negotiations and peace you were trying to build before crumbled and we became the enemy.”

He held my hand and squeezed, “Mex as an immortal, one of the oldest beings living on this Earth, you have the power to destroy humanity entirely. When I was more foolish I begged you to do this, to use the power you were gifted with to kill them all. However you told me that ‘you can not stop destruction with destruction’ and as the war went on and our side suffered along with theirs, I realised more how right your word were–”

“But if I’m a Leader, and this power why can’t I stop the war?”

“Because you are very peace loving, Mex. The rest of our species decided that they would fight an all out war with humanity. You did not. So together with other allies we disappeared. We are neutral.”

“So I am no longer a leader—”

“You are! You’re my leader, and their leader as well, if they stopped being so foolish. If they only understood.” He began crying. “It’s so frustrating.” He wept, his warm tears falling on my fingers and disappearing with a spark. I pulled him closer to me and hugged him. Rubbing his back slowly.

“Are we trying to stop the war.”

“Yes… Peacefully…”

“What are our aims?”

“To convince our race to stop fighting…to negotiate with the humans.”

“Why did I lose my memory?”

Cal’s tears stopped and his back caught alight with blue flames, they didn’t burn me but they felt hot, and angry. “You confronted one of the leaders… One of your old friends. It allowed us to halt this war momentarily…but the cost.”

“Breathe…explain this slowly.”

Tia Kyoya

I walked back to the operations chamber only to see the technical crew and the builders at work, but no Timothy.

I walked up to Matt Spithy, one of the best techies around, and also Timothy’s best mate. “Hey” I greeted him “Have you seen that brat around.”

“You mean Tim?” said Matt who was feverishly writing something on a tablet. “I asked him to flick a switch for me five hours ago. He did it and he never came back.”

“Five hours ago. What’s the time?”

“It’s 22:41, that’s weird Major Kyoya you’re usually pretty organised.”

“Oh I just didn’t check is all.” I replied quickly but was quietly shocked. I hadn’t realised I had been gone for five hours whilst talking to Ashley. I felt disturbed.

“Well if you see him again tell him I’m looking for him.”

Matt yawned,”yeah I will.”

I walked off and towards the living quarters of the facility. Jogging soldiers went past and saluted. I nodded in return. As I turned towards a corridor to my own living area I saw a grim faced Timothy leaning against the door to my room.

His eyes shifted towards me.

“Tia, we need to talk.”

Chapter 11, yaay. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy. Will post more frequently starting next week.

Flash Fiction

Winter Snow

Squeals came from the bedroom as Isabelle and Catherine wake up and see the first snow of the season waving by their window. The winter snow fell thick and heavy, a blanket, that hid the rough and ugly parts of the world.

Isabelle ran to her parents bedroom, her little feet moving faster then lightning. She banged on the door. “Mummy!!!! Daddy!!!!Mummy!!!! Daddy!!! Mummy!!!” The screaming continued until Isabelle’s tired Mother came out, her hair tousled, bags underneath her eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you that Mummy needed to sleep in today, I had such a late shift yesterday. And it’s only 6am Isabelle!!!” Groaned their Mother. She yawned.

A second later her Father popped out the bedroom door and scooped up Isabelle in his arms. “Good Morning Princess. What’s all the ruckus?”

Isabelle squealed in her Father’s arms and then shrieked “Mummy, Daddy, it’s snowing.”

“Snowing!” exclaimed the parents in unison.

The Mother felt a tug on her legs, it was little Catherine pulling her, “Everyone, Everyone!!! We must see the snow.”

Laughing the parents humoured Isabelle and Catherine, following Catherine who pulled them to her bedroom. As the parents gazed out the large double-glazed windows whilst hugging their children, the Father sighed, “It’s going to be hard driving to work in this.”

“It’s so pretty!!” chirped Isabelle and Catherine.

The Mother kissed both her girls on the forehead, “I love the winter snow too.”

I love heartwarming scenes, that are so simple, like a family being brought together by some winter snow. When I was younger similar occurrences happened, and as I grow older I appreciate the more innocent moments of the past. I hope in the future I can be happy and have cute moments like this with my own kids.

Comment and tell me sweet and simple childhood memories you have.

P.S sorry for posting this late, I’ve been doing lots of shifts at my part-time job lately

A Fairy Tale Prince

A Fairy Tale Prince- Chapter 12

I woke up on a comfortable canopy bed, the sheets were made out of linen and silk, the pillows felt soft like they had duck feathers inside them. It reminded me of my luxurious bed back at home. However, I was immediately made uncomfortable by the people standing around the bed staring at me.

There were six boys, all of different heights and ethnic backgrounds, however one thing they did have in common was that they were all stunningly handsome and wore old fashioned clothing. Or rather than old fashioned it was more traditional. One boy who seemed to have Asian heritage was dressed in a Haori, another boy who also seemed of Asian descent was wearing a Zhidou. Another boy of African descent was wearing a purple and lavender coloured Dashiki. Two other boys that seemed to originate from Europe somewhere wore three-part costumes; with breeches, waist coat, and coat that were all made of elaborately embroidered fabrics that were decorated with some jewels. The last boy wore a long red and purple coat that was embroidered with gold thread, he wore black boots, he had a linen shirt and woollen tunic underneath his coat was a decorated broad sword in a sheath hanging off the belt at his side. Yes, they were all wearing very traditional clothing.

The two boys in the three part costume had the same face, as in they looked exactly identical. I couldn’t help feeling surprised because it was my first time meeting twins. They both had very handsome faces with strong jawlines, pretty brown eyes, freckled skin and curly brown hair. They were the first to notice I’d woken up and they said in unison, “He’s awake!”

Then the boy in the long red and purple coat, who had long flowing blonde hair, like gold, and stunning pair of sky blue eyes said, “So this is the new Prince, huh. What’s your name?”

I froze

“What, has a cat got your tongue!? I asked for you Goddamn name!” It seemed like he had a seriously short temper.

“Andromeda!” I shrieked, “Andromeda Star!”

“pssttt!!” The blonde boy snorted, “What kind of name is that? haha, you were named after a freaking Galaxy.” He laughed loudly, and all the other boys around him also laughed with him. “That is hilarious!!!”

I was beginning to get angry because nobody had ever laughed at my name before. However, I didn’t yell at them. I let them laugh. I was wary of them and cautious. I didn’t know where I was, but if I could trust that bastard Ray’s words, then I was in some scary death match. I shouldn’t trust anyone. I should be wary of everyone.

I looked around the room and it seemed like a normal, albeit luxurious bedroom. However one notable factor was that there were no windows and only one steel door, which looked really out of place when you stared at the rest of the wooden/oak themed room. This was a prison.

“Wow, are you not even going to say anything as we laugh at you, how lame” said the blonde boy.

I ignored the urge to punch that boy in the face and instead said, “So aren’t you going to tell me your names. It’s only polite.”

The blonde boys face dropped as if I had poured cold water on him. It made me happy that I had annoyed him. The boy ‘tsked’ then stated, “I am Aaron Eagleton, known around here as the Canary Prince.”

I was surprised because he called himself a Prince but just as I was about to comment on it the two twin boys spoke up. The one to my left whom had a blue handkerchief coming out of the pocket of his waistcoat boasted, “I am the fabulous Enzo Bernard, known as the North Prince–”

“I am Louis Bernard, the adored South Prince.” interrupted his twin brother, whom was only distinguishable by the red handkerchief he had coming out of his waistcoat. Enzo didn’t seem too happy to have been interrupted and glared at his brother. Louis wiggled his eyebrows at Enzo, like he was saying ‘I dare you’, just as it seemed like they were going to break into a fight the tall handsome African boy separated them and calmly said, “If you two start another fight I hope you can deal with the consequences.” At his words the pair went pale and nodded in submission.

“I am Abimbola Azikiwe, the Proxy Prince.” he stated.

As he finished the boy wearing the Haori, whom had long flowing black hair, gorgeously big black eyes and a ghostly pale face said “I am Riku Fukushima, I am known as the Wise Prince and this” he gestured to the last boy who wore the Zhidou and had his hair tied up in a scholarly manner, “is Wang Wei, the Lotus Prince. He is a man of few words.” Wang simply nodded at me.

“And” announced Aaron, “We are the Princes of  Section 1, your new family, Andromeda.”

I stared at them blankly. Family. What was going on I thought. I exhaled and collected my bearings. “Well, it’s truly a pleasure to meet all of you. I’ll do my best to remember all your names. But, rather than exchanging pleasantries shouldn’t you all tell me what’s going on.”

“I think I like him.” proclaimed Riku, “he’s straightforward and to the point.”

“Be quiet.” snapped Aaron. Riku glared at him but didn’t retort. “I’ll explain to you what is going on. I will tell you about the hell that you have entered.” Aaron stated. “However, that is only if you swear loyalty to our group.” he said. “Are you with us, or are you against us?” As he spoke he withdrew the long broad sword he had hanging off of his belt, and pointed it at me. On the tip of the sword there was some dried blood and I felt the room go cold and my heart beat race. ‘ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump.”

And here is the long awaited and overdue chapter 12 for ‘A Fairy Tale Prince” I am sorry that this took so long to come out. It’s because I’ve been adapting the story and re-writing parts of it. Also I’m entering the Dragonfly Tea Short story competition. So I’ve been focusing on finishing my entry for it. I am still focusing on that entry so it may be a while until you see continuous daily chapters for this webnovel. I will try to make it three chapters a week.

Thank you so much for reading and Stay tuned!!!

Flash Fiction, The adventures of Max

Fated to be

Max reached his hand out to grab a Haribo packet from the top shelf, yet as his hand touched the sweet packet so did a hand belonging to someone else. Max pulled with all his might, ‘This is the last packet.” he thought, ‘There is no way I’m giving this up, I need to fuel my sweet addiction for today.’

Max turned to face the owner of the hand which was attempting to steal his sweets. Just as he was about to angrily yell ‘try another store’ he was stunned into silence.

“Max, is that you!?” exclaimed the owner of the hand, “Oh my God!! It’s me Tyler! Don’t you remember me!”

Max gasped, how could he forget. It was Tyler his best friend, or more like former best friend. They had gone to the same school since they were young, they had been neighbours, their parents had been friends, they even shared the same birthday. However, Tyler moved away with his family abroad, and Max had been left all alone.

They had exchanged letters but eventually they both got tired of sending them. Now Max was a University Student living in his student accommodation. He had long since believed that they would never meet again, in fact he assumed Tyler had forgotten about him entirely. Yet here they met in an old, run down corner store, like fate was pulling them together.

“Tyler I can’t believe this.”

“What are the chances that we would meet like this Max!”

“Well I always said we were fated to be—”

“Fated to be best friends!!”


This is a short 260 word flash-fiction piece I was going to enter into a competition but I ended up submitting a different one instead. This story is also my own secret aspiration, there are a few friends that I have completely lost touch with that I would love to meet again. So I really emphasise with Max. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Anime, Travel Writing

A Journey through Comic con – 2016 (May)

Hello, I’m back again with another Comic con post.



I got a lot of nice feedback on my post ‘A Journey to Comic con- 2014’, where I described my first ever journey to Comic con (lol that statement was a bit self-explanatory).

So it motivated me to write and publish faster my second ever comic-con experience, which was some time later in 2016. This time I won’t be describing the journey to the venue since it was the same Convention so the route is also the same, but I will describe the stalls I went to, the events, and the amazing people I met.

The day was the 25th of May 2016. Summer was here; the heat came beating down giving every British citizen a new topic for conversation and causing every Cosplayer whom were standing in the long lines to enter MCM London Comic con, to sweat inside their costumes. I remember whilst standing in one of those lines experiencing some interesting smells because of that, I was just glad that I had a nice can of deodorant on myself and that my outfit was well suited for the weather. As you can see in the pictures I was wearing a white skirt and white tank top. It was my low-budget cosplay of a female clone trooper from Star wars. (I was saving my money so please understand!)

The day began as My twin sister and I got off the train and into the line. We were excited because there was a huge haul of anime and manga that we wanted to buy, and it had been nearly two years since we’d been to a Con together. We needed this sweet reprieve to heal us from the stress of daily life.

As we got closer to the ticket barrier, which is more a table and bench where MCM volunteers/ employees take your ticket and give you a wrist band to allow easy entry and exit, I found myself talking to people in their amazing Touken Ranbu cosplays. I was kind of fawning over them, I always admire talented and  beautiful cosplayers. If you read the last post you can probably tell that I haven’t stopped being a weird fan-girl that freaks out over Cosplay, and I am determined never to change. I found myself laughing with them but just as I was about to establish the necessary bond of friendship by exchanging numbers, we had already reached the ticket area, gotten our wrist bands and my sister was dragging me away to the other exit of the convention. This was because neither of us had gone to the ATM that morning to take out cash for the con, and trust me majority of the stalls will only accept cash, you can’t go there with just your card unless your planning on window shopping.

We went to the ATM at the other end of the convention and went into the line, however a nice guy wearing a Jason mask told everyone that the machine was broken. A series of moans escaped from us all. My sister and I soon went on a hunt for the second ATM, only to find out that it was also broken. Just when we were losing hope a boy, wearing a Kuroko no basuke Cosplay, told us that lots of people were walking down the main street in hopes of finding an ATM. So following the young man my Sister and I like the adventurers we were, began our quest on the streets of London to find an ATM. Soon enough we had joined a huge crowd of cosplayers walking down a residential street that mostly consisted of apartments.

I bet the residents in the apartment buildings must of thought a parade was going on and I remember a little girl and her Father walking out of an apartment building ‘ooohing’ and ahhing’ at us as went by.

I remember that My sister and I started having a lovely conversation with a guy in a Kirito cosplay as we walked. When we finally reached the ATM, which was outside a local supermarket/convenience store, I wasn’t surprised by the massive line that awaited us. However, lines at a convention are the best, I started talking with people behind and in front of us about the new anime that had come out in the fall, winter and spring seasons and having a great laugh. This one guy had a giant boombox that was playing vocaloid music and placed it down on the side of the line, some people began break dancing. It was brilliant.

Eventually we did get to the ATM, thankfully in time to get our cash before the machine ran out. Then My sister and I raced to the food stall area where they sold traditional Japanese food like Ramen, Gyoza, or Miso soup. This food area was smack-bang in the middle of one of the busiest sections of the convention, nearby you could see stalls selling merchandise and comics. There was the huge ‘CEX’ exchange store logo near the stands where they sold DVD’s and there were also two stages nearby where they were giving talks on games/interviews and there was a stage where Kpop enthusiasts were dancing their socks off.

We were waiting for some of my sisters friends who went to her sixth-form, we’d made an arrangement to meet up with them and were going to hang out for the day. As soon as we met I shrieked, it was because one of my sisters friends were wearing a Mahouka cosplay and it suited him very well. I was really impressed. Soon we were wandering around the stalls. In one section there were many Star wars cosplayers. I met fellow Clone troopers, and many Jedi and Sith who were having intense battles.

(The one talking in the background is my sister, this is her Youtube channel where she just posts random Comic con footage :))

Soon after, as we all had different objectives of what to buy, our group split up. My sister and I wandering off, buying some anime Merch; I think we got a ton of posters from a variety of our fave series, pillow cases, key chains and lamps. Oh and of course we bought our haul of anime DVDs of our favourite series. I remember feeling annoyed because they didn’t have Arslan Senki in stock (but I later bought that in October of that year in the winter Convention- which I will get around to writing about I swear.)

We even participated in the karaoke stall, where we sang an opening for Naruto and won two anime DVDs. There we met this lovely man, though I forget his name, who was Cosplaying as a Mahou shoujo (magical girl) and we started venturing with him. Since we had bought all we wanted, way too much to carry we went to see the events together.

One of these events was my favourite utaite, Amatsuki. And he was freaking brilliant live. I have all his albums, I also have him on Spotify, and I got his picture and his autograph that day (It literally made my year.) I just love his music, it just makes me so happy and uplifts my spirits, you definitely have to check him out.

(The braided head you see at the front is me….As you can tell I was super hyped)

Then there was also Bandmaid, and I love Jrock so I was freaking hyped to see them there as well. They were so wicked live!!!

Afterwards we ate some food, regrouped with the rest of my sisters friends and ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening. Since we hadn’t got tickets for the after party we left around 6 or 7 or perhaps later, my memory is a bit foggy. I do remember that as I sat on the rocking train I hugged my sister and exclaimed, “Today was freaking EPIC!!”

And that was my Journey through Comic con.

I hope you enjoyed this account of Comic con Summer 2016. Thank you for reading.