Flash Fiction, Short story

The Pursuit of finding a Soulmate #1

I’ve been having writers block lately. So in the process of trying to emerge from this writers block I began writing this Mini-series called ‘The Pursuit of finding a soulmate’. Enjoy.

Log 1. Day whatever

Itโ€™s a dreary October morning. The weather report claimed there would be clear skies and a little bit of sun, the weather report lied. As I write rain is sliding down the clear windows and I see people running in panic, reaching for their umbrellas, and shivering whilst I drink my Latte in Starbucks.

I sit on my little stool, typing this dumb diary and slurp my latte loudly, causing a few bemused or aggravated stares my way, but I donโ€™t care.

My insomnia is getting worse. I didnโ€™t sleep a wink last night because I couldnโ€™t stop thinking about him, that man I ran into the other night, he was gorgeous. Well, there are also those other concerns that keep me awake at night, but when I wasnโ€™t having my panic attacks I was squealing into my pillow thinking about that charming smile.

I wonder if weโ€™ll ever hold hands together, maybe weโ€™ll kiss, perhaps falling into each otherโ€™s sweet embrace. We would know each other better than we know ourselves, a love that would never wear out as time passes.

Who am I kidding. He probably doesnโ€™t even remember my name.